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  1. NWratsun

    SinglePlug Dizzy on z22s HELP!!

    Im located in western washington, Snohomish county area, Also update on the dizzy, i managed to find one on rockauto but im unsure if its the right one, has anyone ran these before? ill provide a link, i tried doing some cross referencing for part numbers but came up with nothing. http://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/nissan,1981,720+pickup,2.2l+l4,1210217,ignition,distributor,7108
  2. NWratsun

    SinglePlug Dizzy on z22s HELP!!

    Hey guys, i recently acquired a ratsun 510 (1980) a10, I learned that it had a swap at somepoint in the future, which results that the vehicle has a z22s in it, Now i dont know much, but have been doing somewhat some research, initially the motors are supposed to have a 2 coil dizzy, but mine came with a single plug dizzy, im having a hell of a time sourcing out a dual plug dizzy, so my question to you guys is, how to i properly run the single plug dizzy? im about to adjust my timing, and order new plugs/wires for the dizzy i do have, i cant seem to find any form of guide anywhere online, any help would be greatly appreciated guys, thank you!! as for the motor, im unsure if it came out of a 4x4, or cali truck, so as for the smog goes, im just saying its federal. thanks again in advance guys!!
  3. NWratsun

    Distributor system info?

    Hey guys! So I just came across a 1980 datsun 510 wagon (a10) with the z20, I'm about to redo the distribution system when I noticed that it only has 4 wires but 8 spark plugs, 4 being on each side? Did I get the car with the wrong distributor? If so what kind of distributor should I run?? Thanks in advance for your help!!

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