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installing 5 speed into 521


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Just so i understand correctly. Installing a 5 speed into my 521 only requires shorting the driveshaft and drilling new holes in the transmount?


Do i need the tansmount from Z tranny or mod the 521 transmission?

The throwout bearing needs to be from the matching clutch and flywheel?

I assume any Z 5 speed directly bolts onto the L16?

Any z car 5spd should work as you stated... they are long so i'm not sure how the rear mount is done.... plus i believe the shifter will be closer to the seats, at least if you still have the bench. Someone like datzenmike will probably clearify any problems....

I know the best way is what's waiting for me in my basement.... it's a short ZL71B, transmission from the napz motor....

I bought an lseries bell housing from a z car transmission and plan on swapping bellhousings ... what is nice about that is it's the same length as the stock 4spd.. no drive shaft moding and I am pretty sure it bolts right to the factory rear mount.... ( haven't actually bolted mine in so I can't say for certain)

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Any 280z or 620 or 810 or the '80 2wd 720 or the Maxima will be L series and bolt to the L16. The 280zx 5 speed will also work but I think the over drive way too tall to use much.


The 5 speed will also be 5.5" longer than your 4 speed so the driveshaft will need shortening.


The 521 mount can be sectioned to shorten it and bolted back in place. See wayno for a picture. I'll try to post it tonight.


Your speedometer cable will work if you unclip it from the body and pull it up into the engine bay. Then shove down behind the head over the top of the transmission to the rear passenger side. It will fit. 


The spline in the 521 bolts to the driveshaft and uses a large nut to bolt to the output spline of the transmission. Take the nut off and pull and save this spline to use in the new 5 speed. To cover the hole covered by the nut, get a 40mm block core plug and pound in the end to seal it..


The only thing you need is to take the clutch release bearing collar and put it on the new 5 speed clutch arm. The release collar is matched to your current clutch and they must stay together. (get a new bearing though)

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