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Need to upgrade calipers and on '71 510 wagon


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THIS IS SHOUTING ON THE INTERNET. I try not to unless making a point.


The usual up grade is to swap 280zx front struts in. The '81-'84 Maxima are similar. This gives you a monster caliper, a much larger vented rotor, larger wheel bearings and because the zx struts are shorter the ride height is lowered 1 1/2" too. Aside from purchasing the struts (actually you don't need the coil springs or the top hat) if you do the work yourself and have some wrenches and an angle grinder you can swap them in for about $25-$50 and the ride height is adjustable. Stock 13" rims do not clear the caliper very well (I think you can grind the calipers for clearance) but most buy new rims anyway.


Or if you are rich have a shop swap in something expensive.


Looking forward to some pictures of your goon. Welcome to Ratsun

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Post #7 here has pics of what datzenmike is talking about:


The first pic shows a 280ZX strut with the lower spring perch still on it. This needs to be cut away just above the weld with a cutoff wheel or even hacksaw, being careful not to cut into the strut tube. The second pic shows the strut with the perch cut off and the weld ground down smooth. Then the lower spring perch is cut off your stock 510 strut and slipped onto the 280ZX strut tube, with the split collar in the last pic below the 510 perch to support it. It is commonly done to cut about a half a coil out of the stock 510 spring to make it stiffer and lower.


Note that 280ZX (or the years Maxima struts datzenmike mentions) not 280Z are what you need. Hopefully you can find a pair there in Illinois at a wrecking yard or maybe a wrecked ZX on Craiglist. A pair of struts with hubs and rotors will be heavy to ship if you can't find any locally.


If there is anything not clear about the procedure, we can give more information.



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No one uses S30 struts on a 510. The 510 and the 280zx strut to spindle angles are the same.... and you are posting on someone else's thread on brakes.


Go to the 510 forum ...  http://community.ratsun.net/forum/9-5101600/  .. and click. START NEW TOPIC on far top of page, in the black box. This way all answers are for you.

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