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  1. Mike, Thanks for the reply. The pistons I want to use on this build don't have groves for clips. I have a set of I beam rods that I want to use that are for full floating. Its either machine groves for clips or use shorter wrist pins and buttons. Set an e mail to Ross but, no reply yet.
  2. As anyone converted stock pistons to floating wrist pins? Looks like shorter wrist pins and buttons should do the trick. Looking for some part numbers to save a bunch of research. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply. Going to pull pan and head tomorrow and measure bore. Probably a L 18 as has single bolt front cover. Want to pull apart any way and see if someone has put larger valves in 219 Head. Looks line someone ground the block and stamped L 20 on it.
  4. I have a engineI pulled out of the corner today and want to identify the block. It has a 7 on the passenger side and also N 56 casting number and the numbers 6927B. It is stamped L 20, however, does not have the extra 2 timing cover bolts. The block has ribs and the cast bulges. I think its a L 18 would just like to confirm. Thanks
  5. Time Left: 3 days and 18 hours

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    Looking for a L 18 crankshaft, need a spare for a vintage 510.


  6. Time Left: 2 days and 19 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Need to make room in shop. 510 parts sale. In not on list I may have ask. All items plus shipping Large parts pick up only. 69 Dash and wiring harness $50 R & L door glass 2 door $125 R & L quarter window with frame &125 Hood and Trunk hood &75 trunk $50 Kirkey racing seat $40 R & L rear trailing arms with brakes $150 Rear crossmember $150 Front crossmember $100 4 speed 510 $100 5 speed 289Z $450 Door and hood hinges, some door handles and window cranks offers Window nets offers 5 point belts, excellent condition, out of date for SCCA $30 Weber carbs 32-36, and DGAS 32-36 $40 each DGAS $100 Weber 32-36 air filters $20 Weber 40 dcoe air filters $60 Adjustable camber plates $50 R & L Lower control arms $50 L & R Ball and socket TC rods with gauge $65 14 MM Steering arms $80 Remote filter adapter and cylinder block adapter $60 Master cylinders taken off RR car working offers $35 each Wiper motor $50 L 16 timing cover $100 Turn signal switch $50 Rear Bumper brackets $25 Pair of tail lights $75 Complete 240 Rear Brakes including drums $125


    Gainesville, Florida - US

  7. Time Left: 5 days and 2 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Have homemade adjustable camber plates and Koni 82R-1811 adjustable strut inserts. Upgrading my front suspension. These shock are early Koni's and info on them is available online. Camber plates need a good cleaning. $150.00 plus shipping


    , Florida - US

  8. Time Left: 6 days and 3 hours

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    Lower control arms $50.00 TC Rods looks like G machine teflon ball in aluminum socket $65.00 14mm Steering Arms $80.00 all items plus shipping


    , Florida - US

  9. Mike thanks for the reply and pictures. I am adding a remote filter to a 510 Road Race car. I have oil filter spin on threaded stud to change however the one threaded into the block is not coming out. The bolt pattern on the block in your picture is exactly what I have except my housing uses 4 bolts. Just finished making gasket will see it it works a 60 PSI.
  10. I have a L 18 block with the 4 bolt oil filter housing. Does anyone have a part number for the housing to block gasket? I though I had every L16-20 gasket known to man but not that one gasket.
  11. AIShelby

    510 parts

    Time Left: 7 days and 3 hours

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    Finally have time to straighten up garage and found some 510 parts I no longer need. Not sure what the parts are worth make a offer on ones with no price. Located in N Florida can ship some of smaller parts. Shipping will be at buyers expense. 510 aluminum 3 row radiator $80.00 SOLD 69 510 dash board and wiring harness total dash from door to door 2 door front door glass and quarter windows without frame 2 door window regulators SOLD Heater core SOLD Misc wiring harness 2 door door panels black $60.00 SOLD 4 speed transmission $50.00 Cylinder heads ( no peanut ) SOLD Hood $175.00 Trunk $125.00 Weber 32/36 DGV $75.00 Weber 38 DGAS $140.00 Stock 510 distributor Weber DCOE Air filters $60.00 ( will not clear stock master cylinder without shorty intake manifold) Some misc trim pieces


    , Florida

  12. In car Nissan Feature Race
  13. Posting pic is fine. Wife has a great panorama of the complete grid if I can figure how to post it. Will work on putting some in car on You Tube.
  14. Taterhead it was good to able to put a face on some on the forum. Huge event got passed by 3 510s while towing home Sunday.
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