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  1. AIShelby

    510 parts

    Time Left: 4 days and 22 hours

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    Finally have time to straighten up garage and found some 510 parts I no longer need. Not sure what the parts are worth make a offer on ones with no price. Located in N Florida can ship some of smaller parts. Shipping will be at buyers expense. 510 aluminum 3 row radiator $80.00 SOLD 69 510 dash board and wiring harness total dash from door to door 2 door front door glass and quarter windows without frame 2 door window regulators SOLD Heater core SOLD Misc wiring harness 2 door door panels black $60.00 SOLD 4 speed transmission $50.00 Cylinder heads ( no peanut ) SOLD Hood $175.00 Trunk $125.00 Weber 32/36 DGV $75.00 Weber 38 DGAS $140.00 Stock 510 distributor Weber DCOE Air filters $60.00 ( will not clear stock master cylinder without shorty intake manifold) Some misc trim pieces


    , Florida

  2. Time Left: 9 days and 14 hours

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    1969 Vintage race 510. This is a project car that is about to be completed. 1600 motor, 4 speed, all adjustable suspension, fuel cell, 240 struts and brakes, SCCA log book. Need the room to start on a Vintage Z. Located in North Florida $22,500. Addition pictures available.


    Gainesville - US

  3. In car Nissan Feature Race
  4. Posting pic is fine. Wife has a great panorama of the complete grid if I can figure how to post it. Will work on putting some in car on You Tube.
  5. Taterhead it was good to able to put a face on some on the forum. Huge event got passed by 3 510s while towing home Sunday.
  6. I live in Fl, will have a Gray 510 not sure what paddock.
  7. Will be there Thursday to Sunday
  8. I will be there with a 510.
  9. What is the difference between camber angles of 280 struts compared to 510 struts. I am currently modifying 240 struts for my 510. A 240 strut Camber angle is 5 degrees different than a 510 strut.
  10. Looking for a 1st/rev shift fork for a 1978 200 SX 5 speed. I think its a 63A. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the responses. I am getting ready to rebuild a L 16 road race motor the blew the Head gasket. I do not know how the chain is going to line up until I start reassembly. I am looking for a solution if slotting stock guide will not not rake up slack. Do not want to lower compression with thicker head gasket, shim towers and do the lash pad exercise. Could not find timing chain geometry thread. If I find a solution with alternative guides I will post with pictures.
  12. Not sure until get head back from machine shop. I have heard that a Z24 or similar tension side guide has more curve and will take up the slack and then no need to shim cam towers. Has anyone heard about this or done this .
  13. Has anyone used a different chain guide (tension side) to take up slack in timing chain? Had to have head milled and looking for option other than tower shims or head gasket.
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