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64 320 Gas Tank


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Well I found a tank on Ebay for a 520.  Does any one know if a 520 tank will fit a 320?

Going to reach out to seller to see if I can get dimensions...


No it will not bolt in.

They are similar in shape, the fill tubes are in similar places, you may be able to make it fit with some modifications, but I would just keep the temporary tank in it and keep it derivable and wait for a L320 tank to show up, that way you will have the proper type sender so the gauge will work properly.

The 320 tank is a couple inches shorter than the 520/521 tank, a couple inches can be an issue when it is tight to begin with plus the sender will not work properly with your 320 fuel gauge.

Are you planning on keeping this truck?

What are your plans?

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good to know thanks for info wayno.  been going back and forth about trying to mod it up and make an aftermarket tank work or waiting to see if a 320 tank pops up.  i also don't have have a sending unit or fill tube and i was reading in another thread about how tricky it is to get the fuel gauge to work by using something different.  i think i'll try to wait it out a bit more.  my plans are to fix up the brakes, take the radiator out to get patched up and in the mean time find someone who has a 320 tank + sending unit + filler tube to sell me  :)  

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