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No spark

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I have a 1979 l20 and it wont start.  I drove it last Tuesday and I had a little trouble getting it started but it did eventually. I thought at the time I might have flooded it because when it started firing it took a little time smoothing out.  It ran fine all the way home.

 I went out this morning and nothing, wouldn't do anything but turn over. I checked the fuel filter, fine, unhooked the hose from the pump to the carb and gas shot out so I am getting fuel. Checked a plug wire and nothing, no spark.  All my fuses are good.


The coil is old but I don't know how old.

The ignition module looks to be original.

It seems to have electronic ignition as it has a little black box under the dist. cap where the points should be.


I need it back on the road as it is my only way to get to work.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Get a test light and see if you are getting pulses from the ignition module. If not, make sure it's getting power. If both are working as expected, use a multimeter to check ohm out the coil. 


I've had an ignition module go out on me on my way to work. Internal lead that runs to the spade terminals just came un-soldered. Quick fix.

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Pull the high tension lead off the coil and check for spark. Got spark???


YES there is spark. Problem is in the distributor cap, rotor or leads to the plugs.

NO spark.


1/ Use a meter or test lamp to see if power on the coil + side with ignition ON. Got power?



NO power. '76s didn't come with EI distributors so... are you running a points coil with a ballast resistor? Check ignition switch Black/White wire for power in the ON position. Loose plug.

YES, got power.


2/ with key ON, make a jumper wire and briefly ground the coil - (negative) terminal and release. Got spark???


NO.... coil is bad. If running a points coil without a ballast resistor the coil has very possibly burned out. Get an EI coil from any Datsun from '78 on.

YES.. module may be bad. Check wires are plugged into the module properly.

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