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15x7.5 0 offset wheels on a 510 with stock struts?

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Hey there, new to the forum and starting my build, 4 door 69 510, going with TTT coilovers in the front and rear (stock 510 strut), and am wondering if 15x7.5 with 0 offset will work. I've read threads that say 15x7 with 0 work, and 15x8 with 0 will not work, but nothing about 15x7.5 with 0. I'm not opposed to some fender rolling, and would probably go with 190x45 tires, stretching a little. It will be my DD so I don't want to encounter any real suspension issues, let me know what yall think!

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Unless you're going to run some kind of aftermarket brake setup get zx front strut assemblies, for safety sake. 7.5 width is pushing it, it depends on how low you are going to go. My 4 door isn't super low and I'm only running 15x7 "0" with 195/50 tires and there is less than 1/8 clearance from tire to rear fender lip.

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I just picked the car up from media blasting a few days ago, haven't had the chance to properly document it, but I will add some more legitimate pics once I get home. I am planning on doing the wilwood brake set up in the front and rear disc brake conversion from a 280zx. I definitely want the car to be low, so maybe 7.5 is pushing it, but I also kind of like the wide stance look of 510's and am not opposed to fender flares. For reference the wheels I was looking at are Drag Wheels DR54s (15x7.5, 0). I was also looking at a pair of Enkei's, the J-speed, which is 4x100, which would require adaptor plates, which I have never used. Any thoughts on 25mm adaptor plates? Any information/opinions on either of the two rim ideas would be much appreciated, cheers!

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