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right side break light


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Brake lights? I assume the right rear turn signal is working? Brake (not break) and turn signals use the same filament. If the running lights work then not the bulb.


If the running light (headlamps on) works then the ground is good. The running light and the brake light use the same ground.


Try replacing the bulb, may be burned out or not making contact with the socket. If the bulb is good and the ground good it's time to check that the brake light signal is getting to the bulb.


Follow the taillight harness over to the passenger side near the frame. There is a round connector that joins the chassis harness from the cab. Check the Light Green/Black stripe wire for power with the brake on. 


Yes, there is power... plug in several times to clean and make better contact until the brake light begins working.


No, there is no power..... I'm going to skip checking the 10 pin connector under the passenger seat that connects the dash harness to the chassis harness and go right to the turn signal switch.



For this you will need to remove the steering wheel and possibly the two piece 'clam shell' around the steering column, to get at the turn signal switch. Remember, the brake and the turn signals use the same bulbs. To prevent the turn signal working both rear brake lights the turn signal first disconnects the brake wire (in this case the Light/Green/Black) to the right side, and then connects the flasher to it. When the switch returns the flasher is disconnected and the brake light connected. You will see what I mean once the wheel is off. Usually a solder connection breaks. I had this exact same thing but once identified it was 2 min with a soldering iron to fix.

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Thank you today i díd renové te steerinn weel anda clean some corrosión anda finally work i follow te green light cable with the Black línea anda work. But when i put them together stop workin i Know the problem is theré i need a tutorial how to clean al that steering weel part

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