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    1979 datsun 620
  1. mogotes79

    1979 620 acting weird

    i have a 1979 620 automatic and since caple weeks ago is acting weird one day after get off from work while im drivin it when a put the turn signal my radio went off and came back on and later desame a put the turn signal and did desame. and after driving for a while i notice the lights went dawn i meand they were not bright enofh. after a got home i turn it off and try to turn it on and i was death. next day i jumop some power with my wifes car and it stard again. and everything good for a few days. but today i stard notice desame what it can be? if do not undestand me i will post it later i have a friend who can wride very good inglish
  2. mogotes79

    right side break light

    Hello I fin the cable Who was lose I weld ir back anda Starbucks workin But aterrizaje a feW hours stop workin again
  3. mogotes79

    right side break light

    Thank you today i díd renové te steerinn weel anda clean some corrosión anda finally work i follow te green light cable with the Black línea anda work. But when i put them together stop workin i Know the problem is theré i need a tutorial how to clean al that steering weel part
  4. mogotes79

    right side break light

    when i press break right lights wont work only the lefht ones
  5. mogotes79

    right side break light

    im having problems with my break light on my 79 620 any one can gime me some tips
  6. mogotes79

    cigarrete lighter diagram

    hello i have a 1979 datsun 620 that i bought without cigarrete lighter i just bought a new one but i do not know how to wire it or where to conect the red cable any help please
  7. mogotes79

    Emisión crap

    Does anyone knows how to take the emisión system from my 620 automac motor l20 send me pics

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