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720 on a TV auction?!?...


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I just saw a 1986 720 4x4 roll onto the deck at a TV auction! This is not a good sign, people! Out shit is getting discovered! What used to be cheap and accessible fun is now starting to show up in vintage car auctions! $250. This can only mean that  $250.00 clocks are right around the corner.


It went for $14,400.00, which isnt all that for a pristine example, loaded with roll bar and brush guear and rally lights galore. But I saw a Toyota Land cruiser go for $200,000 recently, which made my blood run cold.


Is the poor mans truck project about to become unobtainium?  My brow is furrowed....

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Condition is everything. When my 720 had 4 different colors of faded paint Mom's would lean over there daughters to lock their doors when I would pull up to an intersection. Also the truck was treated as if It had ebola in a parking space and usually the spots were empty either side. Now with shiny paint Mom's smile and Ass holes part with minimalist space on either side.

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Condition is everything. . . .Now with shiny paint Mom's smile and Ass holes part with minimalist space on either side.

I feel this. The difference between "wow your truck is so cool!" and "wow that's a nice beater kid" is literally how the paint looks and where your rust is. 

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Yeah. its weird... 620s were never popular but they're getting there quick. same with 521. those for thousands in rough shape down in CA. The 720 has always been popular in the minitruckin crowd, tho.

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In Los Angeles, people seem to think a beaten up example is made out of gold.  Salvage titles and all.


I have also seen a lot of these trucks for sale in Cali for wayy too much asking money, being UN-SMOGGABLE.

Thus, useless here.


I'm keeping the surface rust on mine.  The minute I paint it and make it perfect, some fool will T-bone it.

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