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Window drip guard?...


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Yesterday I saw a cool-ass yellow 720 King Cab with chrome rims and a duffer at the wheel, while I was driving through our downtown. I beeped, but he looked confused by the gesture. Anyway, his drivers side door window had a chrome brow on it, presumably to deflect water drips from falling inside the door, as they are want to do.


Was that drip guard an accessory? An option from Nissan? JC Witney? And where do I get myself a pair of those beauties? And exactly what am I looking for?


It rains a lot here.






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Vent shade? Really? Do they just fit up into the bailey channel, or do they attach by screws? I could maybe hammer out a set of those, given time.  But with my chore list, it would be more practical to scrounge a set somewhere, if they are scroungable.


Vent shades. Huh. You learn something every day.

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Mine squeezes in between the door frame and rubber window channel felt, there were no screws or any other type of attachment other than maybe weather stripping glue/cement, I remember that they didn't come out easy, but now the diver side doesn't stay place in either, I am always afraid it will fly off, the passenger side is connected good.

Mine are likely stainless steel that has been painted black

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These are the newer design that goes all the way down the A pillar and they are made from plastic and they mount with double stick tape on the outside most of the time. http://www.4x4parts.com/i-18915111-720-vent-visors.html




It's shown on a D21/Hardbody but they do the make them for the 720.  The link is for the 720 and where I got the pic.


I believe the only way to get the classic smaller metal ones you saw are junkyards and swap meets.  I haven't seen them offered for quite some time.




I just tried doing some google searching for "vent visor datsun 720" and it found an old thread here on Ratsun, http://community.ratsun.net/topic/25865-metal-window-visors/ , it may have more info to help search for them but I'm not sure.  Oh, and I used "datsun 720" because "nissan 720" tends to give false Hardbody results that are a pain to sift through sometimes.

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