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need a new fan blade!! help plzz.


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got my 1983 720 crankin finally but im a little scared to run my stock plastic fan, (its cracked all over and i just gooped plastic epoxy on it to attempt repair). i just ordered a new radiator, and i would b pissed if the fan let go and took it out. so im looking for a replacement. anyone know where i can get a replacement blade that will fit, and not break the bank. (im lookin to keep the clutch fan not go electric for now). any universal flex or clutch fans that will work? thanks in advance for the replies. (And Merry XMAS!)

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Probably you have a clutch fan with 7? blades? Likely the one on the right???






Easiest cheapest would be one from a wrecking yard? from another 720. The '80-'83 S110 (200sx) is probably the same.


Earlier L series engines with factory air conditioning possibly have these also.

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There is a product I use called G Flex. It's pretty awesome and works on everything plastic, fiberglass, etc.




I've repaired a plastic hunting sled with it and a Christmas tree stand. Strong stuff! I think it would be a good product to use if you cant find a replacement. It flexes.

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