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Coffee and Datsuns Carmel Mountain SD 12/18/16


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For all you folks suffering bad weather and need a datto fix... (this is kinda like folks in snow country watching the Rose Parade.)


This was last Sunday in San Diego. Shirt sleeve weather and palm trees. Classic So Cal winter. 


I went for the first time. About 20 Dats attended at one time. There were a good number of Z's, a couple 521's, a couple 620's, a few 510's, and three 200 SX's. Sorry, only took pics of the SX's.





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I hype this meet every time I talk Datsun with noobs, old dat-dudes, or anyone in between. I really like it because it is close, casual, easy to meet new folks.

Might I suggest a title that flows a little better in conversation?  :angel:


DatsNJava Carmel Valley


DatsNcoffee at Carmel Valley

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​The event is held evert third Sunday of each month at:


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Camel Mountain)

12070 Caramel Mountain Rd. Ste. 296, San Diego, California 92128


All Datsun/Nissan enthusiasts as welcome, regardless if you bring your ride. Come hang out and check out the cars, chat with like minded enthusiasts and sip some coffee. (All Old School Japanese cars are also welcome to join us)

Please no showboating, racing, and any other stupid stuff that might get us thrown out of the mall :)

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