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  1. JDOM310

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    Wow. Yes for that guys sake hope it's awesome work
  2. JDOM310

    210 wheel offset (series B310)

    Thanks for all input Duke!!!! Helps a lot man I could not pass up this deal and have not tried fitting but was having second guess Awesome work too man! I am looking forward to trying these15's on
  3. JDOM310

    A10 instrument cluster in a B310

    Tell me about it Done research still can't find info And no weld marks or wires No idea
  4. JDOM310

    A10 instrument cluster in a B310

    Looks just like mine... close to the same miles... I need to go check on my hatch One weird thing on my hatch is the rear window has the nozzle for washer fluid to spray however there was never to my knowledge a wiper blade or arm and motor at all Weird option
  5. JDOM310

    1981 210/B310/120Y Parts Help!

    I have tons of interior paneling and plastics all light blue
  6. JDOM310

    210 wheel offset (series B310)

    Any advice for 15" 7&7.5 Wheels fronts zero offset And rear +3 Has anyone tried this fitment or recommend what to be ready for would I need spacers for rear and the 15" too much I have been reading different application and getting mixed feedback
  7. JDOM310

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    My mind's blown Wish I could do something like This So much to learn. Can't wait to see more progress!!!
  8. JDOM310


    Jesusno2 is right rockauto had everything I needed for front and rear buildup suspension wise. Jealous of your build too! I have 1980 210 running soso working Rust removal and panel replacement
  9. JDOM310

    Mile High 520

    Awesome find man! I keep looking for one myself and no luck or if I find it it's way too high of a price
  10. JDOM310

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys anyone ever come across a thread on anyone who has installed a 280z L28 into 210? Thanks
  11. JDOM310

    Blown RL411 engine

    No way!! Sweet ride man the red is so nice
  12. JDOM310

    Blown RL411 engine

  13. JDOM310

    $200 1979 210(b310) project car

    Does it have A14 1397cc
  14. JDOM310

    $200 1979 210(b310) project car

    Sweet find!!!
  15. JDOM310

    Wrecking Yard Report

    Is anyone in the Tacoma WA area that can pull parts?

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