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1975 620 "La Bestia"


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Yet again another project, however, this project isn't mine, it's my friends. I got him into Datsuns and we found him a truck for a cool $400 plus $50 for the trailer. 

Original owner's plans were to turn it into a crawler. 


First oics. 


Cleaning Day









Engine was a bit messy. 

Note: That pos battery was taken out seconds after taking this oic.



Goal: To make it a daily driver.


The truck was left out rotting in the sun for over 8 years. However, most of the truck is stock. The gas tank was full of rust(repaired), but the oil and spark plugs were literally new. We gave the truck a jump start and poured some gas in the carburetor and Voilà it started!!

We began by cleaning out the truck from the outside, giving it a good scrub with a power washer (oics of this soon). We then went and bought a nice battery to get it running again but it had a couple problems. The timing was/currently is off. We will began restoring the engine this week and a lot of oics are expected.

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Be amazed how soem people cant keep a simple rig running.


timming EZ  5 min job. unless oil pump drive off


shit I would buff it out, put new tires of the same type(cooper trendsetters are close to that on Tires Easy.) Lower it and call it good till . Work out most of the bugs as this is old and soem hydralic parts might start failing since it sitting for so long.


ck trans oil also

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