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Hello I've recently purchased a 1979 620 in rather dismal shape. I am going to need a lot of help to bring it back to life. My question to you folks is about door lock actuation. the locks on my truck will not engage. I've taken the panels off and reconnected the door handle rod that had fallen off. The lock rods are still connected but won't go up and down. Common issue? idea for fixes? I found this board through Google and it has been very helpful so far.Thank you.

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If you mean the knob inside the truck... A lot of weather gets into the doors and they are likely rusty. Try hosing down the inside lock locking mecanism with lots of WD-40 and pull up and down on them to get them moving. Worst case is taking the lock/openers out of the door to work on them.


If you mean the key outside does not move the knobs up and down that's different. This is sometimes the lock cylinder itself. The linkage on the inside of the boor on the back of the cylinder becomes worn and loose and there isn't enough travel to push on the door latch lock . Or, the key lock mechanism is seized and won't turn.  Again try spraying WD-40 into the key hole and wiggle the key until it turns fully.


Possibly the door locks have been changed? and your key is no good on them. Or the ignition has been changed and the new key doesn't work.. this is the most likely

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