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620 Seat Belt Interchangeability, also with other Datsun Models

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My 1974 620 has shoulder belts that will not snap in the lap belt keyhole which leads me to believe I've a mismatched collection of parts.  (the keyhole diameter is too small.)


Further, my should belt tang end is dull and rusty which the lap belts are a finer shiny chrome.  (the clasps are black and have small "Datsun"s on the center.


EDIT:  NO!  I lied!  They have "Nissan" on the center push button.


The lap belts all engage properly with the clasp (yes, and I'm missing a clasp belt)


I don't know if its worth trying to keep what is right and find the missing, or find a complete set.


I would expect all 620 clasps to engage all tabs and that all shoulder belts would attach properly with the keyhole.  Is this true?  If not, then perhaps different Datsun models do not interchange, since that would be what I have.



  • Shoulder belts's pins too big for keyhole on lap belts
  • Lap belts have a much more robust chrome finish on the clasps and tabs
  • I'm missing a clasp belt.
  • Mine are black and I need black

Looks like 1975 and later have retractors.


I'm thinking best way is to find a complete set since even if all 620 years interchange, I've got belts which don't.


Can I use a seat belt set from any 620 model year? 

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I believe all 620 had lap and shoulder belts but through '74 the lap and shoulder were separately clasped.


In '76 they were retractable. Build date Aug. '75 and on


In Feb '76 they were different length for the King Cab.


All belts were Black but you could also get Brown and Blue in '79

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When you say separately clasped, I don't understand.


From what I have and can make out in the parts manual, there is one lap belt with a clasp (female) and one lap belt with a tang (male.)  The should belt has a "nail head" that you slide into a "keyhole" slot on the lap belt tang.


My hail head is too big in diameter which is odd - you would think if Nissan was going to use this type of connection, they would not have different sizes?


Yeah, I caught the Brown and Blue in 79 in the parts!

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I should take a pic....


The lap belts work like conventional "old school" seat belts.  The male belt has a large rectangular tang that goes into the clasp belt.


The shoulder belt is nothing like these lap belts. 


I found this pic of a Brand-X that has a similar config:  The should belt has a "nail head" pin that goes into the "keyhole" slot.  The Datsun keyhole is a lot smaller than in this pic.



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OK, I screwed up in my description. 


The clasps are push button type and have "Nissan,"  not "Datsun" written on the buttons.


And since they are non-retracting, I'm thinking all seat belts had "Nissan" written on them.


This is perplexing.  It appears I have "early 70's" Nissan/Datsun lap belts, but they will not connect to the shoulder belt.  NOTE:  The shoulder belt has a plastic cover where it is bolted to the body, high on the pillar.  This cover has a "keyhole" to hang the loose end when not in use.  That seems OE.


Functionally, If I could find a matching lap clasp belt, I could nod things so everything would work.


I've probably spent 1 hour searching images on the internet with no hits on the lap belts I have. 


I wonder if it is possible they are aftermarket where they have the name of the car manufacturer like Ford, GM, ..., Nissan?



EDIT:  Finally a HIT:   1972 510  and hot link to a pic from the internet:  And YES, the shoulder belt is different from the one on my 1974 620:  Mine does not have the black plastic "bezel"  - you can see the belt wrapped around the slip pin.


Of course this means, if I try to match mine, it will be more difficult since there are way more 620's out there than 510's.  Hummm..... what to do....    Find one 510 belt, or the 4 610 lap belts?



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