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New to Ratsun....First Z


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Hello all! Ive been doing a lot of surfing on ratsun and learned a lot so far. Also love the camaraderie you guys have going on. I purchased my 78 280z about a year ago but due to work and being a family man with 2 daughters, I haven't had a lot of time and money to get going good. One of thing that has been holding me up is deciding whether to keep the l28 or do a V8 swap. Here in Alabama there aren't any Zs around but a lot of American muscle. So of course all my buddies are screaming V8 swap. But ive done the research and while it is good power for the money, its still a lot of money and time to get the swap done. The l28 runs but was smoking very bad due to carbon build up and a valve not sealing good. So I have pulled the motor and broke it down. So again I question myself.... do I (1) just have the motor cleaned and install new gasket kit, (2) rebuild the l28 or (3) go ahead with the V8 swap? Ugh choices! As far as what im looking for is a reliable daily driver with some good power. all opinions are welcome and I will post pics when I figure out how to do so on here lol!

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Welcome to Ratsun.


Full disclosure:  I've never driven a V8 powered 78 280Z.  It might be fun.  But my normally aspirated L28 has plenty of power (75 280z, removed EFI, installed 72 240Z SU carbs).  While I don't drive it daily it would be very reliable as a daily driver.


So, IMHO, freshen up the L28 bottom end, have the head done up nicely, and reinstall it.  Time or expense won't be nearly as much as installing a V8.  Plus you will be driving the car quickly.  Then spend your remaining money on appearance and handling.

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Thanks guys! Think I will keep the l28 for now maybe after the body and suspension is done down the road may do a turbo build or just go all out and swap I ls1. But I'm sure that is forever away! Pics coming tonight once I can get to my computer! Stay tuned and thanks again!

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The day I picked her up in Georgia!


23136363666_3f8c6e392e.jpgScreenshot_2014-09-03-12-13-03 by Chase Smelley, on Flickr


22535440753_a190ca1b13.jpgScreenshot_2014-09-03-12-13-01 by Chase Smelley, on Flickr


23162475295_25fafd4202.jpgScreenshot_2014-09-03-12-12-59 by Chase Smelley, on Flickr


23162478825_69ca68ce47_c.jpgScreenshot_2014-09-03-12-13-13 by Chase Smelley, on Flickr


22866685800_6159fb364a_c.jpgScreenshot_2014-09-03-12-13-11 by Chase Smelley, on Flickr


22533943464_71328e8ebf_c.jpgScreenshot_2014-09-03-12-13-07 by Chase Smelley, on Flickr


.....And back home in Sweet home Alabama


22768208287_54769a7de8_c.jpg20140911_222005 by Chase Smelley, on Flickr

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Got the engine bay degreased today and getting ready to fix hole under battery tray and paint!


22535431413_ea1ca6a2a4_c.jpg20151120_131301 by Chase Smelley, on Flickr


22866611710_bb169ac259_c.jpg20150630_110418 by Chase Smelley, on Flickr


Also got dash cover put on.


22866590100_76c34a580b_c.jpg20150611_235115 by Chase Smelley, on Flickr


22768220267_b65de5c08d_c.jpg20150612_002155 by Chase Smelley, on Flickr


22535350313_4c0d131574_c.jpg20150612_002227 by Chase Smelley, on Flickr


P.S. Pic of the V8 block I was going to build for a swap


23136265776_a229f74408_c.jpg20150521_124121 by Chase Smelley, on Flickr

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