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Front valence splitter '74 620


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If looking for one here you must place an ad in our classifieds... http://community.ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-body-and-interior/?sort_key=date_added&sort_order=desc


This is the 620 forum where the 620 is discussed  and information  shared. Perhaps someone has found a use for some other front spoiler from another vehicle? This is the place to ask. Did you try out search function?

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Sort of a front spoiler with a horizontal part jutting out forward at the bottom. It just ads more resistance to air building up in front trying to get under the spoiler. Less air getting under the vehicle the less drag. More air forced through the rad and at high speed a low pressure forms under the vehicle pushing it down. Mostly for show than practicality unless on the highway..

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Oh, ok. So basically just the front lip that goes below the valance rught?


Well, yes and no.





This is a good example of an air splitter. The air piles up in front of the car (like a snow plough) and can go up and over the hood, off to each side, through any opening to the rad, or it can try to pry the front end up and go under the car. Having an extended horizontal forward knife edge that is very close to the road makes it extremely difficult for the air to get under the car.





This is more on an air dam. Air can easily get under the front end.

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You'll never get a "splitter" to be low enough to have any affect on a street car/truck.  You'll break it at every bump in the road if its effective.  They get pretty beat up on the track if set up properly.  On the other hand a basic air dam can offer mild help on a street vehicle, by helping reduce lift on the front end at cruise speed (plants the front end to the ground when doing 70).  

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