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  1. I'll sit down and do a full update over next weekend
  2. Forgot about this Sorry I'll update in coming days
  3. Oh and I forgot A month ago was melbournes datsun day Kenny took out best 620 for second year in a row Pretty happy I'll try keep this updated as over my Christmas break new diff Centre and Weber conversion go in Cheers
  4. New video of Kenny that I took after classic as he was all clean Note New tail gate lettering, note the holographic lettering from Japan it's an original item and was in packet, was called tail getors 240z. Steering wheel, this was from Travs first car 1200 tach I modded to fit into 620, used a 620 dome scott had in a spare dash Repainted me tail light surrounds back to stock color Blacked out behind the grill Took out mech fuel pump and added block off plate to make more room for exhaust with conversion
  5. One of my fav shows of the year was on last weekend I made a little edit of the day
  6. Here's a little video talking about my conversion Been playing with video a lot This was first time starting with keys and throttle all hooked up This has takin ages as our shoe season has started so I been crazy busy
  7. Kennys got a new steering wheel and a modded 1200 tach using 620 dome from an old dash
  8. Hey guys sorry I ain't posted in a while I'll update today as will have some time a whole heap of stuff has been popping
  9. Eccles

    Another Oz 620

    Whole front end of that truck was rebuilt along with the engine being rebuilt, Trav went thru that thing
  10. Eccles

    Another Oz 620

    Mate that's Travs old truck I found the tub for it, check the build thread out for my truck the work on this appears there
  11. its in the white truck and running, had a few little issues we gotta button up then ill get a video
  12. Eccles

    Pez's 620 LWB from AUS

    yep fitted by dealers on around 80 percent of the trucks here

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