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The 1984 special?


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A few years back my dad purchased a 1984 Datsun 720 with the dually rear end, a flatbed with a goose neck hitch, and the z24 engine with the 5 speed behind it, and the coolest stock paint job that came out of the 80's. and he got it from an old timer who said he had ordered it custom from the factory just the way it sat. Its a sick old truck and is often times the focus of my daydreams during class. unfortunately it blew the headgasket, and it now sputters and smokes and has been parked in our driveway for the past six months... The thing has absolutely no rust and is totally a gem, we plan to fix it up but dont really know what we're doing. (our first nissan)  


was mostly wondering if you guys had seen any like this before, and if you had any suggestions on motor swaps for it? 

https://goo.gl/photos/JkMncBEv1JFvetAs9 (it wouldn't let me post the images yet)

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A motor swap won't make a lot of sense unless you plan on adding fuel injection. Then the best bet is putting in a KA24 from a 90s truck or 240sx. This engine is almost bolt in and will use the transmission you already have.


Otherwise, just rebuild the z24. It's a solid engine.


Beyond that it's open season on motor swaps. People talk about v6 and v8 swaps in these all the time but they are rarely seen finished here on ratsun.


Very cool truck. Welcome to ratsun.

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We managed to blow the head gasket and overheat it in one drive before we realized what was happening. So i'm pretty sure its warped. Are there any ways to get a bit more power out of these engines, i haven't found to much on that topic?


It's easy to change the gasket. First and foremost the timing chain must be blocked to preven the chain tensioner from falling out when you unbolt the cam sprocket. Do NOT attempt to remove the head until you find out what to do about it. It's actually very simple but if the tensioner falls out, this adds about 6 hours of more work.


If this is an ENL720WTU (check the top of the engine tag info located on the inner pass side fender under the hood hinge. The E is the Cab/Chassis option and the W is the dual wheels)  it already has a 4.375 differential ratio.  If this is not a dual cab/chassis option originally then gears are the best bang for the buck. The next best bang for the buck would be a 32/36 weber from Redline... under $300 but you get a NEW carb not some POS from a 300K pinto that been rebuilt 7 times and missing as many parts. The Redline replacement carb comes with everything needed for the swap.The adapter plate and gaskets, bolts, even an air filter.


The Z24 used a somewhat 'small' carb for good economy and emissions and a slightly larger weber will wake it up.

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