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74' B-210 Transmission ??

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Hey guys, just got me a 74' B-210 and she is sweet!


The engine is like driving a lawn mower though, it's one of the smallest engines I've ever seen.  Not sure how small it is in comparison to the other Datsuns but it's tiny!  lol


I was looking around and saw this on craigslist.  Thought, it couldn't hurt to ask.




Here's some more info off of my car.  Maybe it'll help :)




Mine is currently a 4 speed, would this one be a possible plug-in-play upgrade?  Maybe give me a little extra top end for freeway driving?

I'm not very mechanically inclined, though I do know the basics.  


Any help appreciated!

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Up till Sep '74 an A13 engine was used. After it was an A14. Identical to look at. Your build date should be on the driver's door tag.


This transmission is from a 210 not a B-210, but will still fit. $800 is an insane price. You can buy a whole car for that.



Now.... A 5 speed will not make your car go faster. It's an over drive 5th gear that lowers highway engine RPMs to increase fuel economy. If you live in town it will get very little use. Fourth gear will be revving higher at the same speed as the 5th gear, so i will be making more power. More power will push the car through the air faster. You will go faster in fourth than in fifth.

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This has to be a A13 then


I appreciate the information.  I don't plan on going crazy on the highway often, but every now and then I do.  

I was thinking more fuel economy, and not feeling like I was going to blow the engine going 65 down the highway in the slow lane LOL  

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Everyone complains that their A series is going to blow up, the fact is there's no way it will blow if full of water and oil and it's not allowed to over heat. The A series will rev and rev... and rev some more. It is a very robust and reliable little engine. You are not going to hurt it.

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So, I posted this on my other "oic" thread, but since this one is talking about the transmission i figured it would be better suited for this thread.  B)


Oh!  Wanted to ask... I have an absolute TON of play on my shifter (while in gear) I mean, it's so bad it almost feels like it's out of gear.  Don't get me wrong, everything shifts fine 1-4 & R, and I have no trouble finding the gears while shifting, it just is incredibly sloppy while in gear.  Any tips?  A friend of mine said it would be bushings, but I don't even know where to start looking or what to search for.  

I was thinking about posting a small youtube video to show how crazy it is lol


Any tips are appreciated!!  :thumbup: 

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I think I used these...



Just a C hair to large



But hack sawed them lengthwise and pinched closed so they closed around the shift lever and fit the transmission 'ears'. They are Dodge door hinge repair kit.


Properly fitted. You may need to sand the sides down thinner but once working they are virtually non wear out



They were easier to find at an auto parts store than ordering the Nissan plastic ones.


At Nissan... side bushings (plastic).... 32855-H1010 about $5 Used on all A series 4 speeds, used on all B210, 620 trucks after '73, 240/260/280Z, 280zx, 810, HL510 5 speed, early 720 and S10 and S110 (1st and 2nd gen 200sx)

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Seriously, you were RIGHT on the nail with this one.  lol So i took off my console and shift boot (need a new one of those as well.. yay) and this is what I found.




LOL  they aren't just worn out, there are NONE lol 

Sorry, i just got a huge laugh out of that.  So, i went down to pepboys and they didn't have the ones that you used in stock (would take a day or 2 to get them).  So i'll proly have to keep looking, maybe by the plastic ones for now, and find a set like you used later on.

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Great, I bet that's not their either lol





So, just ordered a pack of both from nissanpartsdeal.com, was super cheap for all of it.


Few days for shipping (hopefully) and I should be good to go.


When i get them I'm going to head down to a few local classic car shops and see if they have anything comparable to what you did with the door hinge bushings.

If not, then i think I'm probably gonna break out my hacksaw as well and make me a good set like yours.  


Thanks for all the assistance DatzenMike!

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