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1970 c30 1800 Laurel - From the Ashes.

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Right, first post.


I am norwegian, living in Norway. 7 months ago I bought a 1970 Laurel, a c30 1800 to be exact. It´s my first restoration, and I seem to have given myself a mountain of work and some steep challanges, there are probably only 10 running examples in the whole of Europe. It wasn´t sold in North America or Australia, so replacement parts are non existent.


Now, I have been lurking these here fora for a while, so onwards to the pics!








The car is a mixed bag, engine runs, but there are rot and dents, interior needs total redoing. Been collecting tools for the 8 months and looking around for a bigger garage, as it is now I have no room to swing a cat in the garage and I have to take the pieces into the shed to work on them :P


More pics comming, sooner or later :P

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Passenger Floor



Driver´s seat



Driver´s floor



Driver´s side front wing, headlight angle



Top down angle



Driver´s side front wing, sins of the former restorer.



Driver´s side Rockerpanel



Rear wing Passenger side rust


Passenger side rockerpanel, rust, rot and dent (FML)



more recent pics to come

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Pics the previous owner posted in the sales add.


Front, the bumper is in the trunk



Engine bay, with the original color of the car



3/4 view Driver´s side



3/4 view Passenger´s side



Engine is the original PMC G18, and I won´t be able to find any parts for it that I don´t either custom order og make, yeeey. but then I plan on putting a SR20 or similar in it, at some point anyway. But I am going to fiddle with the original too, for the lulz.

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Thank you :)


The engine bay inspection light and the fuel filler cap behind the rear numberplate are awesome details :P I might tug down her pantyline and snap a pic of her rear entry :D


Yeah the rust could be worse, but considering I have to fab every panel piece myself :P and I have no experience...

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If you need inspiration for rust repairs for the Laurel, and havent seen these videos yet I strongly reccomend you make time to watch the project binky series.




Some great fabrication tips and demonstrations on how to fix rust.


BTW, you sure you arent an Aussie?, you certainly use the same style of English we do :)

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Time for some actual body work...


Note the details around the headlight area...



Yeah, not so much on the driver´s side :sneaky:



Someone really didn´t like that driver´s side



My workstation for quite some time I imagine, lacking the tools and know-how to race through the fabbing. It´s not much but it is mine and I made it :D


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Love it!! How thick is that top plate?


8mm or 0,31 inches (1/3)


was going to be 10mm but the scrapyard "ran out", like I didn´t see their 8 foot by 24 foot plate just gagging to be cut :P

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  • 2 months later...

Been busy with work, and reached blackbelt status in procrastination...


Next week I will devote as much time as possible to the C30.


During the slow periods at work I´ve been making tools for the project, like this tucking fork made out of 2 centerpunches and a 3/8" socket extension, Tig weld looks like shait because prototype :P



I have also made some T-stakes (no pics of them, they are in the boot (trunk) of my daily), made from scraps found in the steel bin here at the shipyard I am currently staying in. Working nights with long periods of fuck all working going on I grabbed a Tig welder and started teaching myself by welding some parts for my foreman´s Harley :P

Also welded up a heatexchange for my brewery, but that is a post for a whoooole other forum.


In process of making a slapper out of an old leafspring but without an oxy torch, bending it has been impossible so far, propane torch ain´t doing it



Other than that I have been lurking, getting inpiration from other threads here on the forum, seeing the awesome threads by JDMjunkies, Bob3, Datsunfreak, Busta Nut... and several more really has me fired up again!


Some research about my country´s import and taxing laws has me giddy, our taxing laws are really strict and the monies we have to shell out are significant, importing a car, we have to pay 150$ PER HP in tax (this does not include importing veteran cars (older than 30 years))... BUT importing a MOTOR... and then registering it in a vehicle older than 10 years? VAT only, and I can just have the seller write me a reciept under the minimum amount and I am free and clear :D "SR20DET, come to my garage and meet my friend C30 Laurel for a threeway" :hug:


Pics will be incoming soon, something pic-worthy has to happen every day next week or I will have a breakdown :D

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