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  1. The transmission mount isn't the issue since I'm using the same transmission I had. The part of the mount that bolts to the engine doesn't reach the rubber mount, they're too short. I figured out how much I need to extend it though, maybe I'll put some pictures up when I get it done
  2. Hey guys long time no post. I'm actually putting this engine in my car and the stock motor mounts do not work. Has anybody done this swap and have pictures of what they did? If not, and I need to make my own mounts, what is the angle a ka is supposed to sit at, and which way does it tilt towards? (eg 10 degrees towards the driver side or passenger side or whatever? Thanks in advance
  3. cleverusername

    What are you listening to???

    If you like heavier stuff, these guys are my friends
  4. It's only the engine harness unfortunately I haven't gotten to install anything yet. I have 2 more weeks at my apartment where I don't have space tools to work on it, so it's sitting for now, i'm just trying to gather as many parts as I can right now. One more question. I was told that with a SOHC KA using a 240sx harness, you have to use an auto ECU if you put it into anything other than a 240 or else you get a 3k rpm rev limit. I've never heard this before, can anybody verify?
  5. The harness is complete as far as I know, nothing looks to to be cut off. I already have an electric fuel pump but I honestly can't remember if it's internal or external (po did it). I know I will need to run a higher pressure pump, will I need to change the size of my fuel lines? Harness is from a 1990 240sx
  6. I took some time off from the car, and after 2 failed attempts to sell it, I made an impulse buy on craigslist yesterday $50 single cam KA and harness, needs a rebuild, injectors, a cam and an ecu. I have 2 more weeks of school then I should be getting down on this hard, so stay tuned. Also a quick question to anyone who's done KA swaps before, what motor mounts did you use?
  7. cleverusername

    280sx Ratrod Project Help

    Honestly, I'd rather just have a 240sx and a 280z. Probably more fun and certainly less work. Interested to see where this goes though.
  8. cleverusername

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    Me and my dad, both huge Datsun guys, both huge wagon guys, just couldn't do it. I think it's more timing neither of us really have the time to put into making it a good car.
  9. cleverusername

    What are you listening to???

  10. cleverusername

    Thinking about AutoXing my B310.

    I thought you could pull bumpers for FSP? Oh well shows what I know, I run STS. You should autocross your car. Everyone should autocross every car they own at least once, because it gives you a safe way to learn how your car reacts to driving on the limit. As far as mods, it depends on whether you want to be competitive, or if you just want to run. Also note that a lot of SCCA regions will be a little bit more relaxed about classing at local events than regional/national stuff (eg, you have a Weber downdraft, and stock everything else, my region would probably let you run in street instead of street prepared)
  11. cleverusername

    4 Door 510 from Finland

    Keeping my eyes on this one. Looking good so far
  12. Well the car is off daily duty once again. I had a minor electrical fire... So now I need a new voltage regulator EDIT: I tried playing Nate Dogg and Warren G through my phone and that didn't work. Guess I'll just spend the $15 on a regulator.
  13. cleverusername

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    $500 510. I just looked at this car and it's got good floorboards and the engine turns over, but over all it's pretty damn rough. If no one buys it it's going to the crusher so I figured I'd share it here to try and save this dime PS if any of you buy it I want the oil cap http://santafe.craigslist.org/cto/5984127626.html
  14. cleverusername

    Noob Turbo L-16 from Hell

    Oh lord. I'm not being a dick I'm just fucking around. I love this build, and that manifold is tight.

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