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J13 Engine and trans - you like?

WI 720

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Not particularly 'desirable' unless you own a pre '70 L521 or L520. The transmission is only good for use on a J13. Probably by it for scrap weight. 


If looking to buy one it has to be done in the classifieds... http://community.ratsun.net/classifieds/category/5-drivetrain/?sort_key=date_added&sort_order=desc Be sure to state Want To Buy.

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Rarity only works if there is also a demand. A four leaf clover is rare but not much demand for them.

WI 720 if you are buying one thinking to make some money ... forget it. See how many '66 through '69 521s there are in Wisconsin. Of those how many need a motor or a transmission to get them on the road. How many within 500 miles of you or 1000. That's a long way to ship or go to pick one up and that all costs money.


On the other hand buy it and get it running as a project. They eat up a lot of money and are worth less that you put into them but the rewards are more than money can buy.

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I appreciate the input and have my expectations set adequately low now B) ...   Although, I do like Charlie69's analysis and find it compelling.
I'll be picking up a J13 engine with the carb and the transmission this Sunday.

My goal is  two-fold: 1. Try to make some money on it so I have more funds to devote to my 720.   2.  Learn more about Datsuns and their enginges. 
So far, I've taken apart an L28, Z22 and I have an L20.  I think that a J13 would be a nice project as well, especially if I at least break even on it.

My dream is to find another SD22 in the area, but non Z-car Datsuns are rare in WI, and finding a Datsun diesel here is like looking for a unicorn.

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I find myself watching back yards for Datsuns while passing down alleys. If I see 4 round headlights I look closer. Old Datsuns are often left or abandoned in back yards or driveways close to the buildings. They can be anywhere but behind commercial buildings is also good hunting. They were once somebody's project and they get set aside and in time forgotten. Most large wrecking yards don't have anything older than a dozen years but sometimes smaller yards have old stuff.

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Try to make some money on it so I have more funds to...


When you find a clean complete J13 (or J15) and/or you rebuild one into a clean complete running engine, let me know.  I'd be interested in a "spare" for a future-maybe-never-actually-happen-but-I'd-like-for-it-to project.

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Well, I wimped out when I discovered the place was about an hour and a half farther than excepted.   The engine and trans is still up for sale on Craigslist near Greenbay.  $200 for the pair.
I instead went an worked on my 620 that I bought and need to get towed so I can continue to part it out.  Probably better to have fewer irons in the fire. 
This thread is closed on my end.... for now. B)

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