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Where do these guys go?!


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They go under the sway bar mounts and hold the splash pan on.  Throw them away.  That stupid pan just makes it harder to tighten the alternator.  


True that, but it does help draw air through the rad and keep water splash of the engine.

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A quick follow up question re the "bits" ref'd by the OP and their placement under the sway bar mounts. In my case, I will be adding this splash panel and the "bits" to my 72 510. I have the "bits" and the panel courtesy of Futofab. Question is regards to the sway bar mounts. Never having removed a front sway bar before, is it safe to remove those mounting bolts and brackets with the car up on stands or is best practice to remove them with the car squarely planted on the ground???? Thanks!

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It shouldn't matter as long as the tires are evenly off the ground. Avoid one higher than the other. loosen off the ends first to relax them then you should be able to just unbolt them.


BTW Brian welcome to Ratsun. Please start an introduction post in General Discussion and include something about yourself and your 510. Include all the pictures you like

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