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  1. BrianE

    72' 510 Auto Trans Cabin Wiring

    Doctor 510 - Thank you. Just now completed the "registration" submittal for the NICO site. Once thru the wickets, I'll pursue the FSM DatzenMike - Thank you. Found a Black / Green stripe wire behind the center console, under the heater control assy. Looks to be decoupled at a male/female connector(s). Once I have the FSM, I'll go about knitting it back together and report back. Untitled by Brian H2012_iPhoto, on Flickr Untitled by Brian H2012_iPhoto, on Flickr
  2. Greetings. Can anyone help identify or point me to a resource that can help identify the cabin side Horn wiring..... The PO of my 510 pulled and replaced the stock steering wheel, horn ring, hub and replaced with an aftermarket Momo Corse wheel, horn button and 3503 hub but alas, no obvious stock horn wiring (at least anywhere near the column). I do have the colored wiring diagram for the "manual transmission" and it looks proper on the engine bay side but before going much further with it, I wanted to check with the Ratsun community for your thoughts / recommendations. For what it's worth, fuse box is freshly bathed in vinegar, all fuses good, all other accessories (signals, flashers, dome light, heater switch, ignition switch, idiot lights all function properly. Thanks!
  3. BrianE

    Where do these guys go?!

    A quick follow up question re the "bits" ref'd by the OP and their placement under the sway bar mounts. In my case, I will be adding this splash panel and the "bits" to my 72 510. I have the "bits" and the panel courtesy of Futofab. Question is regards to the sway bar mounts. Never having removed a front sway bar before, is it safe to remove those mounting bolts and brackets with the car up on stands or is best practice to remove them with the car squarely planted on the ground???? Thanks!

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