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technical information on whatever you need.

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It sucks for old cars. It sucks for new cars. Its great for the 90s piece of junk. I have used this service many times, but its super limited.



And Mike, did you not read the instructions? in the first post is your library card number, or rather password.

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Well I tried two examples.


After about 6-8 steps and choices I selected how to remove the exhaust manifold from a '75 720 truck. The illustration was clearly marked Z20/22/24 engine and the VG30. (no mention of the L series) It said basically to remove bolts and EGR and remove, replace gasket and put back on. What it didn't mention is that the intake and exhaust manifolds on the '75 are not only on the same side but are bolted together.


The other was the head removal of an L16/18 L20B. The picture was correct L series but the text only says to remove the 10 head bolts and remove it. It make no mention of the two10mm bolts securing it to the timing cover that have to come off also.


Not much help I'm afraid and this is where a forum is very helpful.

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