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77kc 620 build thread..bags in march(hopefully)


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ok to start out ive lurked around quite a bit and done alot of research...thanks everyone for the help so far...my truck has just recently gotten somewhat road legal for me to be able to dd it!!


ive owned this truck since april and haven't put near as much time as ive wanted to into it,but im hoping making this build thread will help motivate me to do so!!please bare with me lol


mods i have planned:

  • full bags all around,never bagged a vehicle but ive done my research!    accepting 110v welder recommendations
  • disc brake upgrade with upgraded ebrake(currently only running front drums since p.o. ripped out rears and lost them)
  • build fiberglass dash/fiberglass door panels/fiberglass sub enclosure in extended cab space between seats
  • ka24 swap(really wanted a rotary or a 4.3 chevy engine but i think ill take the easier more accesible route and go with the ka24de and turbo it when money allows)
  • im in the process of removing paint to bare metal,checking for rust and priming panel by panel
  • goal is to order the dipyourcar.com kit and plastidip it over the primer until i feel ready to sell a leg for a nice paint job
  • looking for a fuel cell and mounts for the underbody(for when i drag it)
  • sound proof interior 
  • replace all seal(currently only have weatherstripping on front and rear windows)p.o. ripped out most door seals and all window squeegies were trash so i pulled them
  • want to shave bed hooks,gas door,door handles and side blinkers
  • weld sockets into stripped window regulator crank spots and have ratchets for window crank
  • steering wheel upgrade/boss kit im guessing???dont know yet i hate the aesthetics of them though
  • re herculine floorboard(didnt put proper prep work into the floorboard in the sanding...first rain started peeling it off/herculine bed after cuts are made for bags
  • train horn to run off of the air tank ill already have for my bags(dont hate ive always wanted one)
  • replace all bushings
  • 16032696975_b2dc40449f_b.jpg20141214_223601-1 by stormyboy123, on Flickr
find a good alternative to my lighting...hate driving at night now!!



mods i have done:

  • pinto shocks up front stock shocks in back lowered 3 inches with blocks in rear/adjusted torsion up front
  • 17 inch caddy escalade wheels/new tires/lugnuts...feel like i need longer studs for proper engagement but my top speed to work is 30 and i check torque every week 
  • changed driveshaft bearing...received good info on here with that total pita with inadequate tools though
  • changed belt/fluids/bulbs/fuses/thermo gasket/thermo/valve cover gasket and oil pan gasket
  • replaced all hoses and filters
  • replaced missing exhaust with a super turbo(not a fan except at idle)
  • ngk wires and new spark plugs 
  • ebay bucket seats...temporary but need brackets welded up still
  • 15413058263_a1600fb2cf_b.jpg20141214_223557-1 by stormyboy123, on Flickr
MY LOG MAKES IT SOUND MUCH BETTER...anyways heres some pics of so far 


15846774517_32f88704af_b.jpgIMG_20140714_112750 by stormyboy123, on Flickr


16030575561_74501b8976_b.jpg20140808_114753 by stormyboy123, on Flickr


15845267790_76d455ca15_b.jpg20140717_121602 by stormyboy123, on Flickr


16030572341_172a90551d_b.jpgIMG_20140714_112901 by stormyboy123, on Flickr


15846780737_560294f550_b.jpgIMG_20140714_112736 by stormyboy123, on Flickr


16030588361_9be4484bc6_b.jpg20140730_114434 by stormyboy123, on Flickr


15410259554_cf75854fd6_b.jpg20140714_100329-1 by stormyboy123, on Flickr


15847044837_f40a9e3cd1_b.jpgIMG_20141010_152601 by stormyboy123, on Flickr


15845539840_63996849dc_b.jpg20141215_001639 by stormyboy123, on Flickr

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Get 220 volt wire feed wrench.

i know thats what i need but i will be doing the work on a military base where i live in housing that i cant modify at all...and it seems like there are no custom fabrication shops near me ive searched and called around to have someone else do the welding but noone messes with bags in my local area just lift kits unfortunately

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been gone a while so im just gonna throw all the pictures up ive taken recently...havent gotten much done but im trying 


19153559935_384eff1bbb_c.jpgUploads by storm singer, on Flickr


spent quite a while learning to use a stud welder to remove dents...i didnt realize so much went into this step in auto body..the more i researched how to do this online the more intimidating it got,but i was able to get pretty decent results with it...


19147800972_b61c5b1371_z.jpgUploads by storm singer, on Flickr


there is where my bad crease was in my driver door...got most of it out just needs a little finishing putty after grinding it all down smooth


here are some more pics that i took doing prep work and putting epoxy primer on

19153833471_61b1b2a963_z.jpg20150119_065303 by storm singer, on Flickr

18532956593_d6f9b14083_z.jpgUploads by storm singer, on Flickr


18962740848_e419f09ea8_z.jpg20150303_223924 by storm singer, on Flickr


18962736378_a4d129b878_z.jpg20150303_224029 by storm singer, on Flickr

still havent decided how im going to go about patching all of these holes...our panels are so thin my welder on the lowest setting just burns right through


18962752818_ef152c7621_z.jpg20150316_195848 by storm singer, on Flickr


18962627970_274556eb05_z.jpg20150318_151556 by storm singer, on Flickr

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18962741748_1e844b86f2_z.jpg20150307_202024 by storm singer, on Flickr


bought a door popper kit on ebay that i couldnt seem to setup right....got the relays wired finally...that was a task for me itself since it was my first time and im not great with electrical but even 100 pound solenoids wouldnt pop these old latches open..here soon im gonna try an avs solenoid and see if that fixes my problem


18968233349_a126417e22_z.jpg20150625_135755 by storm singer, on Flickr


also got my new fuse panel all wired up but have yet to mount it...its a little too big but ill be pulling my dash soon anyway


18966799858_ef0b75b137_z.jpg20150625_135617 by storm singer, on Flickr


peel and sealed the whole floorboard to try and help with road noise and rattle 


19127385866_d8081f6b2e_z.jpgUploads by storm singer, on Flickr


ordered a nrg glow in the dark wheel and boss adapter...i know a little premature but caught it on sale




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18966798258_59b9d9a4c9_z.jpg20150625_135708 by storm singer, on Flickr


got a weber 32/36 since my hitachi crapped out on me and it was my daily at the time...ive since parked it to prepare for bags which obviouslly didnt happen in march...had a lot of trouble with the weber at first due to the adapter plates not wanting to seal right...had to dissasemble twice and eventually just permatexd all the gaskets and it solved my problem


18964169779_15f6cc10bd_z.jpg20150428_161708 by storm singer, on Flickr


for the time being i got myself a little scooter to get back and forth to work and help me save some cash for the datsun


18527750134_729ac5eac2_z.jpg20150409_160456 by storm singer, on Flickr


this thing was so beautiful out of the box!! unfortunately right after i got it i read that a lot of people have problems with these carbs from webercarbsdirect...we will see i guess i only drove it twice after installing it but i felt a noticeable difference in acceleration





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18962584450_a77b5c48ce_z.jpg20150329_170151 by storm singer, on Flickr


took it out once last time before starting frame work...this was about 3 months ago and no frame work has been done yet lol


18531838994_3e671cd4a2_z.jpg20150625_131931 by storm singer, on Flickr


got it all leveled out to start setting up cnotches...so far all i have to work with is my 8 piece cnotches front bag mounts and air tank so im gonna have plenty of time to take it slow and hopefully get it done right the first time.i wish i had more suspension knowledge but most of my procrastination has been me doing research and learning because im scared to death of ruining this truck lol


18531027594_c4ae39bb3f_z.jpgUploads by storm singer, on Flickr


tank and train horn


18527733714_45f82c6676_z.jpg20150616_203135 by storm singer, on Flickr

 just put this up to get a visual...and inspiration this week i will be setting up the cnotches i just hope i can tack it all decent enough to hold it to take it to a welder...anyone have insight on if it would be fine getting loaded onto a trailer if my whole rear bag setup is just tacked in?i want to set it all up and then have it towed to a certified welder

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18964144099_a969ebdb48_z.jpg20150623_140351 by storm singer, on Flickr


in my free time ive been playing with the idea of having fiberglass door panels and kick panels im just not sure on how its going to turn out and how i will mount them


decided on my color scheme also...it kinda reminds me of like a beach wedding or something but i really like these two colors together for some reason


18532947153_8e87f86dde_z.jpgUploads by storm singer, on Flickr

18965850820_30ec2426fa_z.jpgUploads by storm singer, on Flickr


came up with that color scheme drunk in the kitchen soooo....i will see if i still like that idea in a few months but for now i do lol

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I actually used herculiner...it came out really nice but after i rode around with it for a little while the interior didnt feel comfortable to me...it was also pretty noisy..if you decide to use ot i bought the 1 gallon kit from autozone and it was way too much.u could probable do ur floors with two coats and have ur first coat in the bed if u wanted to

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  • 2 months later...

just doing a picture dump to stay updated...front bags are in and all mounts tacked in.may end up needing a few adjustments but it works for now to sit over the winter...\


20751318948_39a119d0dc_z.jpg20150717_101824 by storm singer, on Flickr


20316635444_969d03727b_z.jpg20150823_194756 by storm singer, on Flickr


20912988766_aa8a925728_z.jpg2015-08-27_08-57-09 by storm singer, on Flickr


20946627421_71cd725de5_z.jpg20150827_202627 by storm singer, on Flickr

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