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  1. Anyone know why they were bigger?
  2. So I just noticed I got two bearings that fit and two bearings that are too big. Also the dust seal is too small:/. Did I order the right shit ? Edit : just noticed I bought wagon dust seals lol The red beck/arnley fit But the ones circled are too big
  3. Yay :D Question. Has anyone done a strut mod for the rear trunk lid? someone removed those bars /spring thing assembly that Keeps the lid open. image upload
  4. Ugh. I got everything off the second control arm But the closest bolt to the body. The bolt is seized in the bushing collar. Heat didn’t do anything but melt out the bushing. I’m Going to try and use a sawsall on the collar and cut on both sides of the control arm
  5. I did something Cut off the bracket that was welded on I wrestled the farthest nut and bolt for a good 2 hours before it came out. Rust would not let the bolt slide out at all! Got tired after yanking this control arm out so I mounted stuff to see what it would look like Going to proceed to strip arm and primer /paint it black , press in new bearings and paint stub axles while I wait for wheel studs to come in
  6. They were already at the end of the threads when I got the car unfortunately. That’s good to know though that 240z stub axles are the same! I just picked up one from a guy locally so he saved my butt, gave it to me for free too:) I noticed on the one he gave me that it has the dust cover and the ones that I hVe don’t though
  7. What do you look up on Yahoo Japan to find the coupe taillights?
  8. Soo..since I took off the stub axles at night I didn’t notice how banged up they were. I was wondering why the nuts were already at the end of the threads... anyone have a pair they can sell me ??
  9. Ok awesome, that’s what I was thinking. Im going on Tuesday to pick it up then :D
  10. Thanks for all the help! :) Next question. My 510 is missing the roof brace inside the car. Is the wagon roof brace the same? I have access to a wagon
  11. Thanks! Got the bearings and seals ordered but I couldn’t find the nuts. Does Rock auto sell the new nuts? EDIT : nvm found them !
  12. I’m buying the bearings off rock auto and just to be sure I need X2 rear outer bearing X2 rear inner bearing x4 rear wheel seals And I’m re-using the shim or whatever the cylinder thing is in between the bearings correct? Got all my parts for the rear disc conversion :) I just need to get some new wheel studs how to capture screen
  13. Thanks! I got brackets from the engineering Datsun website and got myself new maxima calipers and 200sx rotors (still to arrive from rock auto) So I have to cut off that custom bracket on both sides ..sheesh I wonder what caliper they used with that rotor
  14. Got that weird rotor off, arnt the lugs supposed to be on the spine part? They’re welded to the rotor lol You guys recommend pressing in new bearing? And does anyone have a pic of their rear without anything on it like this? is this bracket welded on like this or is this some custom job? screenshot windows
  15. I just noticed my car is missing the hoop! Dammit I knew something didn’t look right about the roof
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