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    It was going to be my dream to restore this, it slipped through the cracks for long enough. For a while I used this as my daily driver to get to work while I was trying to fix the camper part. Has sat for about 3 years with no attention, I saved her from the trees 6 years ago, played with her for a couple years she fired up for me when i got her and I'm sure she will again. This thing handled great on the highway, you would never know the carrier bearing was shot (figured that out when I was trying to reinforce the floor and re run wiring)I have the title in wenatchee, she is sitting in tonasket wa Not much info to really give, consider it a restore or a gut to make a flatbed... I would just like it out of my parents yard hahaha 4 speed manual


    Tonasket , Washington - US

  2. Got cha, I'll have to resave all the pics lol. Tkx
  3. Anyone wanna buy it? Its sitting in the past and I've never got around to it. It's in tonasket wa
  4. **If** I was to keep the body and chassis I would try to take it back to original, But as I'm trying to spend my time (And $$) on my 620 I just wanted a few choice parts out of this and sell the rest to someone that can afford to give her the life she deserves, parting out may be an option once my ads (one here in the classifieds and one on craigslist) have ran their course. So if it comes to parting out Ill try to keep ya in mind, Not sure the steering wheel is in cherry condition though it might have been chewed on by the bear that got in it at one point (that's what happened to the seats lol) I know its still decent and the horn button works, Ill take a closer look at it next time I have my head in it for ya! :thumbup: **EDIT** heres a zoomed in image of it...
  5. Right, I'm amazed there is no cancer to be seen, Wish my 78 looked this good :sneaky:
  6. Oops, fixed... I ment 76, 77, and now the 78 is the motorhome... went crazy picking up the 70s 521 lol
  7. I saw that post! I was amazed at how it looked under your valve cover!!
  8. Well the datsun bug has officially bit me, Started with buying a 78 620 motorhome, now a 1970 521. My first two trucks were 620s ('76 & '77). Picked this one up to save it from being cut into shreds, I pulled the motor and am going to start cleaning and casually working on this until someone wants to buy the body and chassis off me that has a bit deeper pockets than me, once this is gone i can get another 620 lol! (wife says no more than 2 projects at a time lol) Seeing her with a wrench makes me love her more!
  9. Oh I'm never worried about feeling it lol its fire I hate
  10. Thanks for the diag also, Well since that took me to the heater maybe ill work around that today (even though its a very smokey 90 degrees out), now that i see where a cable is supposed to go thats also been randomly hanging (#8/#6) and I see I'm missing the vent knob #34... hmmm time to go parts surfing
  11. Found the spot! Thanks guys, never would have thought to pull the heat "duct" apart to find its home, not to mention it was taped up far from where it went
  12. I have random wires strung out under the dash mostly from PO probably, So this was hanging out and I havent got around to placing what it is or where it goes, traced the wiring schematic for a bit but didnt really find it, so i just kind of "out of sight and mind"-ed it, Untill the other day... Apparently its live lol it came down and arced on the E-brake handle giving me a nice little startle (I HATE sparks lol) so wheres it go? anyone have a pic of its location?
  13. Not sure I'd use the radiator due to it being a motorhome it's got a bigger than normal rad in it I think, I'm more looking for body and trim
  14. Virtually nothing different Or nothing interchangeable lol sorry
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