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L20b efi turbo :)


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hey everyone im building an L20b efi turbo motor. parts i have together so far are. an early 200b L20b block and crank, z20 conrods, sr20det race pistons, ati super damper, copper head gasket, arp bolt kits, choice of A87 or u67 heads, stock and performance cams. custom manifolds. still a fair way to go on the parts list not a cheap build at all. not sure what vehicle it will be going in yet but will try and keep the post updated as i go. not really going for big power just a strong street motor with some go. somethig a bit different so it might end up in my 320 ute if it all fits.



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Will that intake clear when on the engine?


What fuel management will you be using?


What's the piston pin height of the SR pistons? The L20B block is 227.45mm tall. Half the stroke is 43mm, the rods are 152.5mm so that leaves 31.95mm for the piston.

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the spec sheet says the pistons have a compression height of 31.9mm. and have been talking with datsport and les collins racing about it. it will work. as for fitting in the 320 not sure yet havnt even tried will come close i rekn. but yea where to put the intercooler. the radiator only has 10mm of gap between the core and water pump pulley :/


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And where ya gonna put the intercooler

I could see 2 options. Put the intercooler really low passed the pully (stick out of the bottom which means he will have to get rid of the drip pan if there is one). Or you can do what I want to do. Since my 510 didn't have a grill I put the intercooler in front of the radiator. It's ugly but for now it works. I'm not sure if there is room on yours but I know my 510 gill could be cut a little to hide the cooler. Just a thought.

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yea i dont think the turbo will fit in the 320 installed the radiator yesterday. intercooler might fit under the crank pulley but dont really want it in front. so the Twin su's are staying on and the turbo motor can go into one of my other datto's

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