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what is this crazyness


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I need to know why you need to know this.

Does anyone know what the bolt pattern is ans stud size for the duallys

Are you looking for wheels from another vehicle to fit on your Nissan dually axle?


The huge studs are a weird size and slope, I don't know what they are at this time, I just know when I had an adapter made to adapt these wheels to a stock H190 rearend, the machinist could not find the size and slope to use stock chrome Nissan lug nuts on the adapter.

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Does your truck have a stock box with dually fenders, or do you have a flatbed?

I like the stock wheels myself, it keeps my flatbed low so it's easy to shovel the debris onto the bed.


Ya was just curious if I could find some bigger wheels from another make but I don't really care enough to have to get adapters made so ill just keep the stocks, keeps my tires cheap atleast. Thanks for the help

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You cannot find a 720 box?

I am pretty sure that the 620 box is narrower than your 85, and it has different lines.

I have only seen 720 dually fenders in photos, I used Toyota aftermarket fenders on my 720.


Actually gonna fit a 620 bed on after I backhalf/bob the back end and then doing custom dually fenders cuz I have no idea where I can get any

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The fenders on my 720 were on a Toyota truck at the Portland Oregon swap meet, I had to buy the whole truck to get them, I also got some wheels, dually adapters(rare), and some other small stuff, it cost me $400.00 total, it was basically a wash, I didn't lose my ass, but I didn't make anything either.

I actually have several sets of dually fenders now, more than I could ever use, but they are expensive to ship, and I paid quite a bit for one set.

It's funny how when you cannot find something like these fenders you will pay quite a bit for a set, but once you have what you need, you can find them everywhere for cheap.

These are the type of dually adapters I bought with the fenders.




Also where did you get the fenders and how much?

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The last set I had shipped went by Greyhound from Arizona to Washington(actually picked up in Portland Oregon, the fenders were $40.00, the shipping/handling was $160.00, the guy had to drive quite a ways to get to the Greyhound station, I don't recall the actual shipping cost itself, but I think it was somewhere around a hundred, it was for a set of hardbody dually fenders, I bought them from a member on here.

I actually have never found a set of 720 dually fenders myself, I have seen them in photos, I had to modify the Toyota fenders to make them fit my 720, it wasn't that hard.

It's kinda a hassle to ship things by Greyhound unless one lives near a station.

How much you think it would be total to get some fenders over here to the east side

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Thats actually not as bad as I would have thought. In a few months I might need to get me a set

You have to find a set first, the reason them hardbody dually fenders were cheap is because they needed work.

I seen that they were for sale, but another member on here wanted them near me, he was dragging his feet, so I said I would get them here and he could buy them for what I had into them, well I have $200.00 into them now, and he has not expressed interest in them at that price, so they sit in my attic till I get what I have into them or use them myself.

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No, that is what I have into them now, that is what I payed to get them to the bus station where I picked them up, I don't know what it would cost to get them to the east coast, but it would be $200.00 plus shipping.

What you should do is look around for a small truck stepside box like some of the Chevy LUVs came with back in the 70s/80s, they have fenders you could modify to fit your application/needs, just like what is on my 521KC diesel in the photo below.


They also made them without the stepside part on the front and back of the fender.






That $200 with shipping? If so and you wanna get rid of them give me a little bit after of time and ill take em

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Thread aside...

Dang Wayno, I didn't notice you had an old Chevy truck (I did notice you sold it).  I have one in my family, 1948, that I have to work on everyone in a while…well, more directly, it is my Mothers, she lives next door, the rest is pretty simple to figure out.  It is a hoot.  So simple.  I compare it to working on a tractor.

Did you convert yours to 12v?  If so, wanna shoot me a pm about what you did with the gas gauge?  This was apparently not done in my Mom's.

Funny how car folks just have cars.  Even when they specialize in one arena, they still branch out.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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We can hijack this thread, it has served it purpose, and what I am going to tell you might be considered crazy.

Yes I changed over to 12 volt, I put a 350/350 in it with a Pacer front end which got me power steering and disc brakes with front independent suspension, it rode like a car, and it was cheap.

I bought a aftermarket wiring harness, after it was installed, I made another electrical circuit board with a 12 volt feed, it had a 12 to 6 volt reducer with a power strip, I connected the fuel gauge and the heater fan motor to it, but the fan motor also had a 12 volt feed through a 3 position switch, so the fan would run off 6 or 12 volts without messing anything up. 

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