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Loose transmission


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There are at least 4 bolts holding the transmission to the engine. One loose won't matter.... check the others.


Be absolutely sure that the oil isn't leaking down from the back of the valve cover. That would be an easy fix. Just replace the valve cover gasket.







Oil dripping from between the engine and the transmission is one of two things. The rear engine crankshaft seal is bad or the front transmission cover plate seal is bad. Either way the transmission or the engine must come out to get at it. If the transmission, it will eventually run dry and be ruined. Check the oil level and top it up. Drive for a week and check it. If down it's likely the transmission leaking.

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Get your car out of there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn't cost that much for a $5 seal and some RTV.  For $150 you could by a proper jack, a ratchet set, and some spanners and do this yourself. Not rocket science.


Just keep filled with oil until you can get some honest person to do it.

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32114-Y4000 from Nissan about $4-$5 or use this number to cross reference one from any auto parts store. The gasket is probably no longer available so just a smear of RTV sealant will do.


Transmission shops are the worst. Just about anywhere else is better.

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Because I'm the kind of person that likes to see how it's done first then I'll do, it is there a link you guys know that I can look into .. I tried you tube but no luck...


I know I know it's irritating .. But one day I want to say " yea I pulled out the engine ... It was a bitch but I did it ..I built this truck ......was up!" Lol

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First determine if it's engine oil or trans lube. The trans lube will be thick and engine oil much thinner. Plus did you recently put oil in the trans? because if you over fill it then oil from the trans will get pushed out of the trans vent tube. Some transmissions have a hose attached to the vent tube running up the trans towards the back of the engine attached to one of the bolts. If it's getting blown out of that tube it sure will look like a rear main seal or a trans front main seal or input shaft bearing cover gasket. Agreeded F'K  the trans shop. That fix is simple and not that difficult and it sure beats spending $1k when it'll take you a day and a 6'r. Grab a friend to help you out Meng!

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