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2014 N.W TOYS FOR TOTS MEET Dec. 7th


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As many of you know, that although chilly, this is not only a kick ass car show, it also allows us to show our better sides. Bring a toy and you get in free or if you can't find the time to interrupt your HotWheels hunting sessions to pick out some cool toy for a kid in need you can pay a small entrance fee at the gate. There will be around a thousand people attending the show and you will see cars from
$50.00 all the way to $50.000. We have had no less than 30 Datsuns show up in past years.
There is a facebook page set up. Check it out and reply as to whether you are going.
In years past we have rendezvoused at the Supermall and all rolled in together. Seems logical to do it again.
See you there.


Here is a link to one of the facebook pages, As of "today", there is already over 1000 people/cars rolling in.

You wont want to miss this last big show of the year.



For those who are not into facebook, here is a link to Pacific Raceways Page.


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They only promote it on face book. Its a charity thing. You can either pay the $5 entry fee or donate a toy to get in. They do some raffles and sell stickers. They also have a $50 lead/follow 3 laps around the road course. A ton of cars always show, decent Ratsun turnout the couple years I went, I didn't make it last year though.

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WE probably wont do a gates first open roll in / meet-up as that is kinda a cluster-fart,, but me and Donovan will probably roll in a little later and find my man Jason .. yo


:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:




Unless of course,,  we are inconvenienced in any way by doing so,,, as remember we are Olympia area Ratsuners.

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