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1970 521 project


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 After checking you guys out for a 720 project I did last spring, I found I kinda dig your scene here! You guys know your stuff. I'm pretty wound up about this 521 I bought a few weeks back. I think I got the link to a picture of it coming home on the trailer set up right. I did this post to get dialed in on how to upload photos, hope it works. The truck was just what I was looking for, a project someone got in too deep with and bailed on, selling it for a good price. My plan is to convert to a "modern" electrical system, overhaul the L16 and 4 speed, restore the interior with some custom touches, front disc conversion, suspension/steering rebuild, and cure all cancer. The goal is to have a fun daily driver. Anyway, thanks for looking.

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Ah, the IMG code. Right on, thanks man. Yeah the bumpers a little dinged up, it will do for now. Body mounts are good, surprisingly for a 45 year old rig. I'm figuring out polyurethane mounts for when the cab and bed go back on. This weekend project is clearing the garage out and getting the truck a home whilst it is wrenched upon. I will put up engine bay and interior photos when she's situated.

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I'm glad the most challenging part of this project is uploading photos. Maybe I figured it out . So here's what I'm starting with. The floor boards are pretty rusty, almost fred flinstone style. Engine bay is messy, but no real rust issues. Phase one is sorting out the electrical. The previous owner dropped in a new alternator with an internal voltage regulator. The ignition switch is broken and missing the key. I rigged up a remote starter to fire the engine and it surprisingly ran ok, no knocks or other sounds of hate and discontent. My plan is to run a keyed on/off ignition hot with a toggle switch start/ kill switch. The glass fuse block will go, being updated to a weather proof ATC box. The distributor will also receive an electronic conversion. I'll put photos up when completed and a wiring schematic.

 While I'm learning how to post photos, here's one of a Z24 I built last year.

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Man this photo upload deal is a struggle. I'm running windows 8.3 and when I paste the img code in the link box the damn window freezes and I cant get out. Perhaps I'm that special. I've read several of the "how to upload photo" deals, but none of those methods seem to work for my photobucket/8.3 situation. Any thoughts?

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I figured I should get some updates posted. Decided to scap the L16, so out she came. I found an L20b and a 5 speed to go with.

Had to build this shade tree situation to fit everything in the garage. The bed is standing on blocks against the back wall.

I have to do the front end then pull the chassis out, turn it around, then do the rear. Got the front half of the frame cleaned up, hit it with some rust converter, then some gloss black chassis paint.

After a few months of tracking down new parts I have everything to completely rebuild the front suspension and steering. My king pins were a little cunty to get out. Well just the draw keys. I soaked them with aerokroil everyday for 4 days before even trying to drive them out. The metal was so soft they mushroomed even with a brass drift. One was already bent before I got into it. I ended up having to drill them out of the spindles. Be carefull if you have to do this! I center punched the non-bolt end and used a drill press. I slowly stepped up in drill bit size making sure I was going through straight. Measure the new draw key diameter and do not exceed that in drill bit size! When I was a c hair away from the draw key width the old ones popped out. I'll have to get a picture of them, I saved them. The king pins came out with the shop press. There was zero grease in them! just a lot of rust.

Fresh chasis paint before the re-assembly. I only had room to paint one side at a time. The upper dog bone bushings were worn through to the sleeves. Found new ones from Mexico. Gracias amigos!

Rust treatment in the drivers inner fender.  I'm going to use roll-on truck bed liner to do the fenders. Behind the body panels will get some POR-15



Passenger side. The A pillars were the most rusted. The inner fenders just had some minor surface rust. This next week will be finishing the fender situations, king pin rebuild and probably re-assembling the front end. Brakes will be on tap as well. I found a generous donor truck, an 81 720, that I got an instrument cluster from, steering wheel, shift lever for the 5 speed, speedo cable, stalk switch, and some other little goodies. The new dash I think will look tight. I am going to add a few gauges and loose the 521 stock "heater". That thing is interesting, but a vintage air unit will be a nice upgrade. I'll put more pics up of the other stuff I have going on with this truck soon. Thanks for taking a look and please feel free to critique or comment on any of this. Goffskiit was here

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Well I have not posted anything for a year and a half, that doesn't mean I gave up. My laptop crapped out a while back and now I am using a tablet. One of these days I'll figure out how to up load photos with it. I moved out of that tiny garage into an actual shop space and have been plugging away in my free time on the Rat.

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