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I have a chance to buy a 79 zx cheap


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So recently i've been having problems with my 2000 audi a4 DD.. broke a coolant flange bolt in the back of the motor and took it to a shop to get it drilled out since I don't have the tools to do it myself. They tried and said the head is going to have to come off.. At this point i don't want to invest so much money and labor into a $3k car with salvaged title. At that shop they have a 79 280zx that's been parked there for 2 years after a previous owner abandoned it.

So now a shop's owner is selling it for $600, don't know much about it but he said it runs just needs some work.

So I'm considering selling the audi as is and buying the z as a temp DD until i save up for something more modern.

Or maybe use that money to finish my vg30 280z project..




Body seems to be in decent shape except a dent on driver side quarter panel.

Haven't checked under the car for rust yet.

Interior is actually in pretty decent shape, just needs new door panels, and it's missing a driver's side mirror.

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Well it's a lien sale. Somebody just abandoned the car at his shop 2 years ago. As far as work it's mostly cosmetic, dent on quarter panel, new door panels. Right now my audi is not really drivable with that broken bolt in it since it leaks most of the water out after 20 minutes of driving. And yes it will need to be smogged. 


I'm familiar with S30 but never really looked int 280zx so I don't know that much about them. Is $600 a good price?


He said car runs, AC leaks a little and it'll need new fuel and most likely new belts, oil and a good tune up.

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STill in progress.. about %80 complete i just haven't had money lately to finish it. Right now looking for springs to finish working on suspension, but now that tokico springs are no longer available I don't have many to choose from since I've heard Eibach springs aren't that great for track.

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