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'76 L20B wiring coil to Cardone Electric distributor help. No spark.....


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This pic shows my new aftermarket non matchbox electric Cardone distributor. The two wires coming off are red (pos) and green (neg), I spliced the purple wire into the green due to length and being able to reach the coil. The wire wrapped around the coil center wire that is not plugged into anything used to plug into the outside of my stock distrib. Where does that go now with this new distrib?




Not sure if I have this wired correct. Right now I'm not getting any spark out of my coil. I've checked my coil and it's good. The purple wire going to my coil is the green wire from my new distrib, the red going to my coil is from the new distrib too and the short purple jumper wire was originally a white jumper from my resistor to the coil. I only have purple wire wire, sorry guys.




If anyone has good pictures of their wired coil and distributor that would be great! I have no spark from my coil center wire when I test it when cranking the engine over. Thanks guys. If you need more pics or info to help me trouble shoot this let me know.


GO HAWKS........

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Dude . WTF your doing?



YOu have a ppoint ignition truck for the first Gen EI distributor that uses a remote ignition box.

This isnt going to work yet


You look in the "How To" section?

Ill help you.


here you go. to make this EZer get a EI coil also as you have a POINT COIL which needs a ballast. You can use it if you know how to keep it in series.




also make sure rotor pointed in the same location or you might have to move the plug wires to get the fire order correct again.Timed



maybe just put the points back in till you can figuire this out, which is wht you should have done first to kkep the down time to a min

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Thanks L motor God, datzenmike sent me a great link. Great info from you too. Oh and by the way, 90% of the time I have no idea wtf I’m doing. That's why my life stays so interesting…..Trying to figure out this electronic ignition has looked nothing short of a monkey with a football. My expertise has fallen in other areas….Ratsun is saving my life, thanks guys…..

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