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Looking for an experienced mechanic to help me work on my 510 (Orange County)

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Hey all. I'm a long time lurker, first time poster..


I just pulled the trigger and bought a Datsun 510 and am now looking for a fair mechanic that could help me work on my new ride.

I have little experience but am very open minded and willing to learn. Please let me know if you're in the OC California area and possibly interested. Thanks






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read everything on Olddatsuns.com in the tech section

go to amazon and buy the How to rebuild your Nissan engine.


buy couple jack stands a good jack and some atleast craftsman USA tools and a timming light and volt meter and test light.

Then get back with us.



How about tell use whats wrong with car also.

Like it don't start then we find out theres no wire harness in car.

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Three ways to go.


Buy a complete running example of what you want in a 510 with motor swap, suspension up grades, brakes, body and paint, and enjoy driving it. Initially expensive, but cheaper in the long run.


Buy a good runner but be prepared to do a minimum of maintainance and repair work to keep it on the road. Probably the least over all expense but if it later slips into being a project it will get expensive.


Buy a (hopefully running) project car. Expensive but less so to start. Gets more expensive finding everything needed and around the bend expensive, if you pay someone to do the work. Get the factory service manual (FSM) or download it on line. Learn all you can about your car and how it works. Buy tools as needed while you learn how to maintain and repair what isn't working right. Join Ratsun for help and information.

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