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Help searching for a Datsun model

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Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on this forum because I plan to be a future Datsun owner, which I'm excited about! :D

I've decided that it's time for me to buy a new car, one that I can work on and do projects with.

I really like most Datsuns models, but there are a few that I have a preference for.

For aesthetic purposes, are there any Datsun models that look like a cross between;

Datsun Violet 160j sss/Datsun Bluebird 180B 610 sss

crossed with a

Datsun Cherry 100a E10?


The reason why I ask is because I really like the compact and stalky form of the Cherry 100a but at the same time I like the shape of the roof and windows of either the Bluebird/Violet. Is there a Datsun model that is sort of similar to the description I gave? :baby:


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Yep, 120y/B210. Personally not a fan of the 2dr sedans






But the coupes are nice:





And the 4drs :wub: :




There are also the wagons, but we didn't get them in the states. Argueably the best looking wagon Datsun made :poke:

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Thanks INDY510 and Kirden ! :D


Kirden, I'm afraid that you might hate me after this, because unfortunately I am a fan of the 2-door sedan which is what I'm looking for right now :hairy:


But other than that you guys nailed it !  :thumbup:  I have concluded from my research and between all of the models that I was originally choosing from;

Datsun Bluebird U Coupé 610 180B SSS-E
Datsun Violet 710 160J SSS
Datsun Sunny 120y B210 2-dr Sedan SSS/ Honey Bee
Datsun Cherry FII 100A E10


It now seems that I'll definitely go with the Datsun Sunny 120y / Honey Bee !



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No hate from this side. I just happened to have posted the only 2dr that I like :P


Good luck with the search. 

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Just find a B-210.

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It's been officially confirmed, I'm part of the rat squad now :P

*needs a change of a profile pic*


I bought this 1977 Datsun B210 with only 5 thousand miles, clean title (with a recent tune up) all under $1800 :D


The guy who sold it to me had a really deep connection with it but he could no longer hold on to it so he was looking for a owner who would make a wonderful things with it, who would cherish it, take it for a lot of spins, and all the while remaining in good hands!


I really love this car, and I'll eventually post future projects and upgrades, eventually making it into a really modern sports-like, high performance and efficient rattie  <:3 )~






I hope you guys/{&gals} enjoyed this post, and the makings of ratzilla :3 Lol!



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Nice score, looks like you got a nice example there must be rust free coming from Arizona.

Did you mean 50k on the ticker? Wow, Let the party begin.

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Looks like that car was towed behind a motor home. Odometer only goes to 99,999 so 5K, 105K or 205K

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