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Looking for frame specs on my 521

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I'm planning to fix the rear frame rails on my 521, but I want to make sure that they are correct and within specification. Normally I would look up on the computer at my shop, but this is a much older vehicle, and may not have records. Has anyone measured the dimensions of there frame, or know someone who has? I just need the rear section of the frame. Thanks!

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We have a bed off a frame right now.  What are you wanting measurements on?  Give me specifics, and I can try to help you out.


If you could measure the frame rails from the body mount locations (length, width, and cross measurements). Also if you could take pictures of the frame rails by the rear axle, and where the center bar where the shocks mount to. Mine is completely rusted off of the frame. Thank you.

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I have 2 rear frame sections out back, give me a exact description of what point you want me to measure from, and to what point, you need to tell me exactly how you want it measured, from a center of a hole to a center of another hole?

I cut these frames off just in front of the front leaf mounts, so everything in front of them is gone.




One of them still has the front and rear leaf mounts still on it.

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So that I can say mount 1, or 2 etc and we're on the same page



This is my measurement reference point.  It sits just under the lip of the back of the cab



Distance to a head bolt dropped through the center of the bed bolt hole



Measuring from the inner edge of the pass side mount to the inner edge of the driver's side of #1 (This is the same distance for #2 as well)



Distance between 1 & 2



It's kind of hard to get a decent measurement from 2 to 3.  So, distance from 3 to 4





Width from inner edge of pass side to driver's side #3



Width from inner edge of pass side to driver's side #4



Depth of the bed bolt hole



Measurement from mount #4 to the end of the fame



Measurement from inner edge of frame



And the cross-section with the shock mounts









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From front mount to back would be 250 + 597 + 232 = 1079mm After that you lost me, the front mounts are out side, back mounts inside the frame so measurements across would be different. front would be 540x2= 1080mm back would be 425x2= 850mm

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