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diesel radiator 720


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ok I have a 82 with the sd 2.2 engine i took my radiator into have the mount reattached and juat got a vm saying they need to talk to me i know they said they were having problems with the flow ... worst case scenario anyone know where to order a new diesel radiator i know the hasand diesiel models radiator were different or something that would fit and cool right ?

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Re-core is the best ave. for you where you live.

You can make just about any radiator about the same size work, I am using the smaller 1980 L20b radiator work in my 1980 720 diesel, I just had the shop move the outlets for me, as they both were on the wrong side.

Go to a wrecking yard with a tape measure and find something with the outlets on the correct sides and make it fit.

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ok well recore may still be a option honestly i got the msg there are problems but they were closed saturday ... heck i was searching frontiers because the floor is the same with and length to find a dobor at the local u pull... going to check another monday

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I would re-core myself, but if you need to save money, then go to the wrecking yard and find something with the outlets where they need to be, that is the cheapest way your going to find.

As I said, I have a SD25 diesel engine in my 1969 Datsun 521KC, I am using a modified 521 radiator(outlets were moved), and it cools the diesel engine just fine, and it is much smaller than the diesel radiator.

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