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Removing an engine


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If itsa 620 you can bend the firewall seam over then its not horrifying to get the bellhousing bolts on top from the top. Take the rad and fan off, motor mounts and yard it out! I did l16 to l20b swap including the oil pans and exhaust in one day by myself. Git er dunnnnn!!!


I pulled it out and put it back in with the tranny in place. Ooh, if you drop the passenger side idler arm which is two bolts it makes life alot easier too. Faster to do that then finding a pickle fork.

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Has any one here removed an l20 b alone ? And is it difficult ? Last thing ... Is there a easy way to pull or a order to pull an engine out?



You fool!






Ah.. ha.. ha..








I would also like to know. As one unit plus pre described posts to discuss loosening the trans mount but also to the extent of removing it completely

oooooooooooooooooor at a certain point of hoist and leverage or before even removing? Support with ...castor wheels??................ jack stand?












L20b as well. Much foul. Much distress for mah' poor darlin' of a vehicle. much much weep. Much stumble...



[pressing (B) brake pedal, key in ignition]

(..sounds of a screaming electronic work horse..)

[pressing accl. pedal repeatedly and in periodic intervals]




::bow:: thanks. Trololol

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I pulled the l20b outta my truck two days ago. Alone. Took me about an hour an a half. I've got a 521 however.


I took the tranny off the block, after I had gotten the block up an over the center stirring bar. I used a jack to keep the tranny from falling.. then I pull the motor forward to dislodge it from the tranny. Worked good...

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