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1971 Datsun Truck - Need Help

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that sounds kinky flatcat... he is right though, does the carb squirt gas, does the engine turn, is there spark? if it turns, has gas, and has spark, check timing. If timing is good check compression.

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took head off had service new coil new timing chain and gear  new distributor will not start 

This description is to vague guy, there is more to it than that.

What engine do you have?

Was the engine at TDC when you set it up/put it together?

Is the new distributor an electronic one, or does it have points, this is an important question?

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Change head and tensioner fell out so chain was replaced, wouldn't start so right away replace the coil, still no start so duh... replace the distributor. We're all caught up. Starter and carb likely next.

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