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Intake coolant ports


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My A87 head does NOT have the coolant passages for the intake...Is it still necessary to pipe water into the intake? I've always had it hooked up, but it seems the coolant will just sit there...and flow nowhere. I do not wish to drill into my head at this time. Just wondering if I could delete the water pipe altogether and clean things up a bit, or leave it so it can 'heat' my manifold. The truck sees minimal miles, running a Weber and L16 manifolds.

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I would open it up and run it. The coolant warms the manifold sooner and once warmed keeps it from over heating from the nearby exhaust pipes. This keeps the intake air at a more constant temperature. The advantage is the reduction of wide temperature swings that affect mileage, emissions and performance. The engine will run more smoother and warm up faster. Nissan did this for a good reason, might as well take advantage of it.

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Its up to you.  if everything is fine don't worry about it. if you think your going to go to sidedrafts then it would be better not to drill a hole.


In Washington it freezes more than cali. so we use it to help warm the carb and prevent icing.


If you do drill a hole I make just a   1/4 size hole in center of the gasket hole just enough to get by as I sometimes hate those things leak if not flush and even pressure.

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I switched from a non holed intake that had the intake and exaust bolted together to a w58 intake and an l16 exhaust manifold and my coolant temperatures dropped, and it doesnt nearly run as hot when pushed hard anymore. I think that little flow path helps water get through the head. I may try adding a half inch line to direct more coolant around the center exhaust water jackets, on chevys the head runs hottest right there under the 2 center ports and it seems to even it out alot by piping coolant directly under those 'siamesed' ports.

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