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So i ordered one of these, just to see how it will come out. Been wanting to do a new sigh for Art for shows, always feel weird display Arthur's old one.  Its a small one, about 11x10 ish, but acrylic, and it lights up. They make a custom side profile drawing based off your cars picture you send, and mine will be lighting up blue, runs off a 9v battery.  Was about 90 bucks after shipping.  Have just basic info on the car, so will say 1972 Datsun 510, Preserved NOT restored.   But thats when i talked to my wife and got a idea. Since she does this type of crap for nike with displays, she can have one of her designers come up with graphics that i can have applied to the back side of it to work around the light up wording, to give information about the car, and some pictures.   So once i get it, it will need the finishing touches by her.  But its cool since when not at a show sitting on my air cleaner, it can sit in my bookshelf lit up at night :) They did some z car ones, and i liked how they look. So figure worth a shot.  Sorry if this looks weird, but starting to pass out. 


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Well shit. I'm just getting ready to do one for my sister for her motorhome. Wish I had seen this sooner. I would just have ordered it and told her I did it.

That's freakin badass... I love it.

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