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Looking for a job in NorCal got laid off..

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Hey Everyone,


I got laid off last week and the job hunt is looking grim. Anyone who knows of a position available in the North Bay (California) for a Vice President, Director, Administrator, General Manager, COO or CEO; please let me know as I am looking. I will entertain just about anything I can find though. Here is my resume in case any of you may be hiring:



Troy Budde

E-mail: troysrboy@yahoo.com


Vice President Customer Service

Vice President Business Development


An ambitious entrepreneurial Business Executive with proven abilities in e-commerce sales and business development. That has a keen eye for project management, strategic planning, business operations and team building; with a strong track record of improved sales and customer service. Quickly able to learn and grasp complex concepts, analyze and interpret ideas into logical strategy. Capable of identifying strengths and weaknesses in business systems and strategy; implementing company policies, standards, and systems to ensure optimal productivity and an increased bottom line. Demonstrated ability to train and motivate staff to achieve maximum production while controlling costs through the use of manpower and resources.

Areas of Expertise



Project Management


Inside/Outside Sales

Business Development

Strategic Planning

Business Operations

Inventory Management

Quality Assurance

Team Building

Customer Service

Business Strategy

Total Quality Control

Problem Solving

Trouble Shooting


Professional Experience


Greners.com (PHOT)

Vice President Customer Service

Vice President Business Development

2011 to 2014

Healdsburg, California


Directly responsible for creating and documenting new customer service procedures and policies and Magento CRM email management and delegation. Assist the President with establishing a new business direction, plans, goals, and values. Identifying new business partners and negotiating and maintaining agreements with those partners. Development of new product accounts as well as maintaining current accounts while establishing a connection between the products offered versus customer demand. Build sales relationships with wholesalers and volume customers to maintain growth. Analyzing of all orders for fraud and approving non-fraudulent orders. Analysis of all business operations from logistics, CRM and Merchandising to SEO and SEM and assisted in UX/UI design and developed tools to gauge customer response.

·         Developed and implemented new business practices and policies that have put Greners.com on track to compete with the nations largest online gardening supply stores.

·         In late 2013 the Black Friday Sale I started gave us our largest Gross week followed by our 12 days of Christmas sale which gave us our largest Gross month in company history.

·         Through my implemented business practices Greners.com doubled revenue YoY for 2012 and again in 2013 while almost tripling profit margin.

·         Assisted the President in developing a new comprehensive business plan that included the sale of Greners.com to a publicly traded company, Phototron Holdings Inc. (Growlife Inc.-PHOT).

Troy Budde                                                                                                                             


WORKS Motorsports

Sales Manager                                     

Purchasing Manager

2008 – 2011

Sonoma, California


WORKS Motorsports was the old factory race team for Mitsubishi Motors North America before Mitsubishi left motorsports. My job was to keep the company profitable which meant overseeing all departments from eCommerce to fabrication. Sponsorship contract management, photography and promotions (car meets, magazine shoots and track days) were my sole responsibility. Marketing and overall business strategies were closely aligned with my day to day duties and I made them work seamlessly together to achieve a very high goal.

·          Drastically reduced the inventory shrink on an inventory that was worth over $1 million dollars and had more than 14% shrink. This was turned into an inventory worth over $1.5 million dollars and .023% shrink.

·          As Sales Manager average daily sales ranged from $2000.00 to $4,000.00 and a steady pace of $60k to $100k per month, up 60% from the previous sales manager.

·          Negotiated exclusive parts deals with the following manufactures: Seibon Carbon, Ohlins USA, Endless USA, HotBits Canada, Whiteline (RedRanger) USA, C-West USA, BFGoodrich Tire, Team Dynamics USA, AST Suspension, Brian Crower (BC), Clutch Masters, Darton Sleeves, CP Piston, and APR Performance.

·          Worked with the world famous Martin Agency as well as Cutwater a well know advertising agency to create more than 10 commercials for BFGoodrich, Mitsubishi Motors North America and WORKS Motorsports.

·          Early in 2011 I assisted one of our pro drivers, Lars Wolfe, with several BF Goodrich Commercials that involved Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White, they are pretty hilarious


FedEx Office (FDX)

Lead Assistant Store Manager

2005 - 2008

San Rafael, California


Managing the store and delegating daily duties to team members were my sole responsibilities. Coordinating efforts from all other Assistant Managers and the Business Development Team to improve sales and meet or exceed sales goals was where I succeeded most. Maintaining and facilitating customer relations, sales, project management, and team member moral were my main focus while on the floor.

·          Scheduling of more than 20 employee’s during three shifts with a 24/7/365 schedule.

·          Negotiation and close of 'key' accounts such as: Dominican University, Italian Street Painting Festival and the Salvador Santana Band.

·          Directly responsible for the training and development of more than 50 employees. Three of which became Assistant Managers and two more went on to become Store Managers

·          Assisted in turning the FedEx Office store in Terra Linda from one of poor sales and no growth to one smashing sales goals and growth of over 120% year over year. Then deemed a ‘Flagship’ store and a model of success by FedEx.

·          Received FedEx’s Highest Award, ‘The Purple Promise Award’. I received the award for outstanding customer service and for putting my customers before myself. I was nominated by my team and my Store Manager for the award.



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Damn, I thought this place was all about random stuff, people who couldn't sleep, tits, asses, yoga pants, but cars? WTF?! Sheesh! What is life coming to? facepalm.gif

And shouldn't job searches go in "classifieds" instead of "general?" :poke:



Seriously, good luck on the job search, it's tough out there. :thumbup:

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