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620 Front Fender Removal

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OK, the Shop Manual says nine screws.


I only see four:

  • (2) around the headlight opening
  • (1) top rear corner to pillar
  • (1) bottom rear to rocker panel/floor pan

There are no screws along the top of the fender to the inner fender (???) yet it seems like it is fastened there.  Could find nothing along the top from the wheel well side.


Need to remove to weld up the body mount/rocker.




Looks like there is a bolt under the cowl.


And of course, all the cowl screws are frozen....

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Yeah, found the bolt under the cowl.  Finally got the cowl off, had to die grind flats one one screw so I could get a bite with vise grips.


Thought I could get the bender bolt out, but it is frozen, so I'll take the wiper arms off/cowl and hat the bolt with the torch.  I don't think I'll put that bolt back in when I replace it.


I will be so much easier to weld up the body mount and around the rocker.


I have so many pics that I haven't put up yet.  Massive welding on aft edge of bed - the box section the tailgate bolts onto.  Must photobucket that particular job all by itself.  Even took a movie closeup as I pan the entire edge (!)


I HATE managing pics (!)

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