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  1. So who'd a thought. Got another new idler and everything clears no problem this one stated in the sale on eBay that it was for the 78-79 trucks. You can barely tell the difference but it's just enough and makes a huge difference.
  2. The control arm is Dorman I believe but for ball joint truck it doesn't look much different from others Ive seen. To me the idler arm itself just seems too long.
  3. Finally got home and got some pics of my dilemma. Every diagram or picture I can find says it should be bolted this way. anyone got anything else different. Been so long ago that I took it all apart.
  4. No it's a completely different look and style that the 720 from what I can tell with a quick Google search. I have another one on order that is the "correct" number match for the year model but my other option is to trim the control arm
  5. I don't, or can't find it. By front axle I mean that area of the vehicle. It's a 2wd truck
  6. Bit of weird issue. I've been working on my '79 for what seems like forever. I'm starting to put the front axle, suspension and steering back together. I got a new idler arm for the steering but when I go to bolt it up I am contacting the control arm. I'm not sure if 78-79 has a different mounting point than 72-77/78. Anyone with a 79 got any pictures of the mounting and clearance of the idler arm.
  7. Cool. I just wouldn't put it too far away as that can have an affect on the readings. I'll be looking forward to seeing your results though and how well it helps in tuning. I've seen a few done on other "hot rods" but not a Datsun yet.
  8. Tip for mounting the bung you need it to be closer to the collector in the exhaust. Most newer wideband O2 sensors are heated but they still need the heat from exhaust to reach temp. Read through the instructions and see where innovation recommends. They can go bad very quickly if they can't maintain temp. Just a heads up before you get too far into it.
  9. Take air cleaner off and cover carb. Youll be spraying water not drowning it so it should all just trickle down. I pressure wash engines at work but they are also a little newer, Mercedes. If you are too worried you can cover up wire connections and relays but just spray on the cleaner and let it sit. It might remove or thin out paint so pick your poison. Oven degreaser is amazing for grease but def removes paint. Purple power can remove paint but slower to do it. Just keep water out of any engine holes and you'll be good.
  10. Heavy duty oven degreaser from lowes, hd or walmart. Also purple power and and other. Wash off with a hose as stated above. Power wash with care, water can 'inject' itself into any crevice at pressure.
  11. Yes def plenty of pics and try to get the service manual and atsg manual. It's not terrible hard but tedious. Gotta recheck my bearing placement and mine goes back together
  12. Update. Picked up a trans from a 260z here in Houston. probably paid too much but whatever. Going to get it torn apart this weekend and merge parts with mine that is already cleaned u and ready to go, aside from the worn bits.
  13. OK. I'm heading back to Dallas for the weekend then back in Houston next week. Im gonna go check out the trans here and see what it is, I know it's out of a Z just not sure of year. If it's not the 3 could it be the 4. Which I'm kinda OK with but then I gotta tear down another trans
  14. Yea I was able to look through some manuals and even some Z's look like they had the 3n71b
  15. No luck so far I guess. I was able to hunt down a trans here in Houston that might work though.
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