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My 1984 Maxima

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Hey guys, I picked up an 84 Maxima over the weekend.  I thought I would start a thread to follow my progress on it.  It's an 84 with 114k miles, and it's an automatic.   It does not have much rust and is in overall good shape for it's age.  The car runs but is not really driveable yet.  The brakes really don't work well, the car had been sitting for at least a year and the owner said they just need to be bled.  There is no coolant in the radiator but I don't see a sign of a leak yet so I need to add more coolant and figure out where it's going.  This car will be a project for me, once the car is road worthy I plan on lowering/struts/swaybars.  I will be keeping an eye out for a set of wheels too.  I am pretty sure our stock wheels are 14x5.5, but does any one know the offset?  How wide of a wheel with the proper offset are people able to put under the stock fenders?  Once the car looks and handles the way I like I am going to either put an l28et or an rb series engine in the car along with a five speed swap.  I don't have all of the particulars figured out yet, but those are the rough plans. 


Here is a pic when I picked it up

*edit* how do you post pictures here?  On other forums I am on you can just paste the IMG link and it will show up.

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Check all the disc brake calipers and the master cylinder for wetness. If dry, then maybe yes, it just needs bleeding. I would replace ALL the brake fluid as it should be changed every 3-5 years anyway. Bleed it until new clear fluid comes out. The Maxima brakes are just a hair smaller than the 280zx brakes so I wouldn't bother replacing them. Maybe new pads and rotors.


Empty rad is not reassuring. It can be a simple loose hose clamp to a blown head gasket. This is often why they get parked, the owner can't be bothered.


The Maxima is built on the 280zx platform so they are very similar. A sportier ZX or after market sway bar might fit. Also factory 14 x 6" wide 280zx or 15 x 6" wide 280zx turbo mag rims look nice and probably will have the correct off set. Look into it.

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Welcome to Ratsun. I am a bit of a Maxima guru so if you need to know anything else, let me know, you can PM me if you like.


Good luck on your purchase and fixing your little issues, these cars run really great when they are tuned up and in good maintenance.

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Yes the FS5W71B 5 speed from a 280z and first year 290zx was exactly the same one used in the Maxima. If looking to do a 5 speed swap find another scrapped Maxima and get what you need all at once instead of mix 'n match. ANY 71B 5 speed from an L series engine will work. 620/720 truck, 810, 280z, 280zx or Maxima.


You need the flywheel, clutch and brake pedals, clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder (with flex line) Transmission (with clutch arm and dust boot, shifter and dust boot and the release bearing sleeve). Probably the rear transmission mount. 


You will need to buy a new pressure plate and clutch disc, new release bearing for the collar and a pilot bushing for the end of the crankshaft. These are high wear items and installing old used ones is unwise. Two liters of GL-4 80w90 gear oil and I would replace the rear extension seal in the back of the transmission while it's out. Only $4 and no special tools needed.


The shifters come in various length and shape depending on application. They will all fit and work, you can always bend them or replace later. If you mean the shift pattern the five speed is a normal H pattern




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On your PB account click on the little wheel icon top right of picture you want.

Select Get Links.

Click on the http box... it will turn yellow when copied.

Go to ratsun post

Top center above your post window just below the smiley face is a green square image box

Click it and hit the CTRL and the V button together... done.

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are you saying I should post the direct link code?  I have tried doing what you said and I can post in the "image" box that pops up and then it does not do anything, it just freezes, it does not post anything.  Then if I post that same code in the actual reply window it show up as a hyperlink.

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When your viewing the image in photobucket, click the "IMG" link and copy it here, thats the one that will display the pic.




You can use any 71b L series transmission. But you have to use your Automatic transmission crossmember and modify it to mount the 5 speed. Automatic Maximas have a different floor stamping than manual ones. The transmission tunnel on the Automatic is wider, as is the crossmember. There is a whole how to, or rather a "how I did it" section of my "Maxima 910" thread.


You will however need a 5 speed driveshaft, or have a one piece custom made. And the biggest pain in the ass to find is the pedals, you need the whole clutch pedal assembly but for the brake you only need the pedal part. The master cylinder is $15.99 at autozone, same with the slave cylinder. I used a 240sx stainless braided clutch line and it fit perfect, you might need to get a couple fittings though.

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Thanks for the info captain.  I was looking at your thread the other day, it's very informative.  I would love to find a whole parts car, but it has been hard enough to just find a car for sale in any condition, much less an extra car that happens to be five speed.  If you come across the parts please let me know, I am actively looking in my area and online.

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Thanks for the compliment, I try to get all my information in the forum so everyone else can use it at their will.


I am always looking, so far I have only seen one other Maxima at the salvage yards. And thats where my pedals, transmission, and driveshaft came from.


Now that I can see the pics, you have a VERY beautiful Maxima, take good care of her, That is one of my favorite colors.


I was watching Orange is the New Black (with the wife) on Netflix, and there is an episode with an 84' Maxima in my color in it, during an 80's flashback of one of the inmates who has cancer. I wonder where that one is now, cause it was freakin mint.

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Holy dog balls Cardana, that thing is clean!!  Way nicer than mine, though mine does haul ass. ;)  Even better now, got rid of the thermistor valve that retards the timing when the engine is colder.  Hit 120 way easier this morning.  Slowed down in time for the cop too! ;)

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